Cheyenne Hendricks childhood memories

Hoopnotica: A Sneak Peek

Friday, December 13, 2013 Sophie Magdalena

"Welcome to Hoopnotica. This international dance/fitness phenomenon is on a mission to re-introduce the element of playfulness into physical fitness with expressive, fun new forms of movement! Release all of your grown up stress, and let Hoopnotica engage your mind, body, and soul! They believe that the best way to train your body is to first engage your mind. They offer the thrilling "OMG I did it!" moments you had in childhood. These personal accomplishments through motivational products and curricula will stimulate your mind while toning your body."

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eBlogger, Cheyenne Hendricks, walks us through the hippest way to get fit this season while taking us on a nostalgic journey in remembering our childhoods! For Cheyenne's full article, check back on December 17th when the Winter Issue of Halfstack Magazine goes live!

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