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Holiday Fashion Story: How to Dress Your Best to Meet the Parents

Thursday, December 19, 2013 Heather

With Christmas just a week away, everyone is in full holiday mode.  Stamping the last of the holiday cards, buying last minute stocking stuffers and prepping for friendly gatherings.  And for many, we equip to meet the parents of our significant others for the very first time this holiday season.  As if holiday planning wasn't enough, now the added stress of making sure your dressed to impress so as not to fall flat with the P's!  

You only get one 'first impression,' and while it's what is on the inside that counts, being dressed to the nines can only help you get in good with the family!  Halfstack Magazine has just the thing to help you through those tense moments with ease!  

Postelio is a hot new app that lets you quickly ask friends and family for their fashion opinions while you're out shopping.... All from your cell phone!  And we sat down with Ameena Syeda of Postelio to get you all the deets on how to prep for the exciting night!  

Halfstack Magazine (HM):  Tell us a little bit about your background and what makes you an expert on the subject of dressing to meet the P's? 

Ameena:  I am the Director of Social Media at Postelio, a cute fashion app that allows you to quickly ask friends and family for opinions on the items you like while out shopping.  I'm a fashion and tech maven and blogger, and I've worked as a web manager at LucidWorks, a marketer at EMC, and a software consultant at Accenture.  I blog about fashion over at the Postelio blogs, I have an MS in Computer Science from American University and have an M.A. in "Passion for Fashoin."

HM:  Tell us about Postelio.  What does it do and how can people utilize it in preparing for meeting the parents for the first time? 

Ameena:  Founded in 2012, Postelio ( is a fashion app that allows you to quickly ask friends and family for opinions on the items you like while out making purchases - all through your phone. You can also check out what is trending around you, follow your favorite stores, get top deals, and even earn points that you can redeem for cash or rewards. The platform enables you to quickly reach key friends and family at shopping decision-making times and fashion emergencies. While shopping at our retail partners, you receive deals as you visit the store, helping shopper get great deals, and helping  retailers. Postelio's first iPhone app was launched in August 2013 and the android app was launched in October 2013.

HM:  What are some common mistakes people make when meeting their significant other's parents for the first time?  

Ameena:  A common mistake is that they either wear something understated or too sexy.  But more importantly, people forget to do their research ahead of time.  No one will be a better judge of the in-law's judgment than your significant other.  Ask him/her what their mom's and sister's fashion sense are.  Check Facebook photos for past holiday memories.  If they look like East Coast Blue Bloods, dress conservatively.  If they're total ex-Berkeley activists, try hippie chic or go vintage.  

HM:  What would you say is appropriate to wear when first meeting the parents?  

Ameena:  Always pack a nice dress.  But if you're a blouse person, a nice formal blouse with slacks with a statement necklace will do the trick! 

HM:  What is DEFINITELY off limits? 

Ameena:  Anything too sexy - mini skirts or too much cleavage are big NO NO's.  

HM:  How do you suggest helping ease any nervous jitters? 

Ameena:  As I previously mentioned, doing your research is important.  But in addition, give yourself enough time to shop.  Use the Postelio app to send out fashion selfies to friends to get fashion advice while out shopping or while getting ready.  

This holiday season, don't make any rookie mistakes meeting your better half's parentals and download Postelio today!  

-Heather Blazek
Graphic Designer & Blogger

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