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Dress to Impress with Beau Ties of Vermont

Sunday, December 08, 2013 Sophie Magdalena

As the holiday parties soon arrive and looking your best is a must, Beau Ties of Vermont is one of the sites you need to check out for all of your neckwear needs. From bow ties to cuff links, they offer the best American-made quality at an affordable price. With their distinct designs, Beau Ties of Vermont is sure to leave an impression. 

After having trouble finding high quality and attractive ties to wear to work, Bill Kenerson and a local seamstress joined forces to design their own ideas. Beau Ties of Vermont was born in 1993. Their first catalog, which was mailed to 5,000 people, consisted of only eight ties! The success was immediate and Bill's home became the headquarters. Once both Bill and his wife, Deb decided to go full time on the business, they obtained a new building which housed the sewing, shipping, sales and marketing operations.  

After 19 years of running the business alongside his wife, Bill sold the company to David Kramer and David Mutter in 2012. To this day, Bill's goal remains their top priority: to design the best handcrafted ties in America and provide the best costumer service that is second to none. 

Beau Ties offers themed ties for Valentine's day, Easter, Christmas and many more! Here are a few options for this holiday season:

Toscanini $45.00

Grinch Polka - $45.00

MacLachlan $49.00

Black Stewart $49.00

To learn more about Beau Ties of Vermont, visit them at

** To shop a particular accessory, click on the product name beneath each image.  Images, property of Beau Ties of Vermont.**

- Regulo Alvarado, Men's Fashion Blogger

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