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Travel the World with Baizaar

Thursday, November 14, 2013 Sophie Magdalena

Several years ago, I began the tradition of picking up a new piece of jewelry or some kind of accessory anytime I visited a new city I'd never been to before.  For me, it was both a way to document the vacation, a memento if you will, as well as having something useful to commemorate such a special time in my life.  It certainly beat the traditional 'name on a grain of rice' souvenir that was lost just weeks after coming home....  

The reality is, I can't travel nearly as often as I'd like to... and I know I'm not the only one torn by a love of travel and the economic means to do so....  

What if you could travel the world through the accessories you wear from day to day without breaking the bank?!  Sounds crazy, I know..... 

Baizaar, a Chicago-based traveling boutique, can help you see the world through each of their handcrafted, direct-trade jewelry pieces from India, Nepal, Thailand and beyond.  These handpicked artisan jewelry pieces and accessories from around the world, directly support independent artists and small businesses abroad, while nurturing a cultural exchange and a love for travel.  

Founders Lauren Bishop and Andrew Diamond had a vision to create a collection that was always evolving and one that would represent a mix of both traditional and more contemporary styles from the countries or origin.  The collection includes 98% pure Hill-Tribe silver from Northern Thailand, hand-carved Indian brass, natural stone wrap bracelets, woven macrame and stone designs and much more.  

The beauty of Baizaar, is that it features unique pieces.  Even if you fall in love with pieces from reoccurring artist collections or a one-of-a-kind piece that may never resurface again, you're accessories are sure to be eye-catching, conversation-starting pieces.  

So next time you are feeling blue because you can't quite pull together a trip to a far away land, let Baizaar take you on a journey to all those new places you've never been before.  Each trip to the pop-up boutique will be a new and exciting experience.  

Baizaar’s “traveling boutique” can be found at events throughout the Chicagoland area and a small collection of products can be purchased online at Follow their travels, events and products at  

- Sophia Sanchez
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