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Thanksgiving & Black Friday: Opposing Ideaologies

Thursday, November 21, 2013 Kenny Muzzey

Thanksgiving is soon upon us; a traditional day to, of course, give thanks.  Historically, thanks would be given for such things as the end of a drought, militaristic victories, or the gift of the harvest.  As of present day, I do not really pretend to know what people are thankful for.  Times and traditions have changes and so have we as people.

The fourth Thursday of the eleventh month, individuals all over the nation celebrate Thanksgiving.  Oftentimes, there are gatherings with friends and family alike.  We feast on an overabundance of delicious food, swap stories, browse through photo albums, share some laughs and remember why these are the people we love most.  For some however, just a few short hours after paying their 'thanks,' it's time to grab the gloves, scarves, hats and in some cases tents as they head out to big name retailer to set up a small shanty town sitting in the freezing cold just for a chance to blindly grab at whatever cheaply made gadget from overseas corporate America feeds them.....  Black Friday.  

This one day a year symbolizes everything that is wrong with our priorities as Americans.  Hypocrisy at it's finest; we count our blessings, pay thanks and then go out to buy, buy, buy!  And while the idea behind Black Friday is one of excitement and fun, the lengths to which people will go for the deal of a lifetime is not only shameful, but frightening for some. 

The pulling of hair, pushing and shoving, just to get your hands on that one flat screen, high-def television in stock simply because it was reduced by $30 from it's original price.  We act like rabid dogs this one day a year when under any other circumstance we'd think our own actions were absurd.  One day a year where people have been known to physically harm one another, whether intentionally or not, just to get your foot in the door.  

And while I'm not shaming that a good deal is a good deal, perhaps we should give just a little bit more thought to those things we give thanks to on Thanksgiving Day before rushing off to stock up on useless gadgets we don't even need just to brag about what a steal of a deal it was.  And if you happen to find yourself unable to resist....  remember to be safe and mindful of those shopping around you.  Happy Thanksgiving and safe shopping!  

~Kenny Muzzey~
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