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Purity + Platinum = Iridium

Wednesday, November 20, 2013 Cheyenne Hendricks

Born in the Bahamas, Mr. Platinum created Iridium Clothing Co. after years of working in the clothing industry and traveling the world. He went from merely styling the apparel of various artists to creating his own clothing line. He moved to America in his teens, and he always had a keen sense of style. His peers often envied his swagger, but little did he know that his swag, intellect, and enthusiasm for fashion would one day become a tribute to the artistic community worldwide. Spanning from China to Chicago, Iridium Clothing Co. has made a burning impact on the liberation of society's views on fashion. 

Mr. Platinum used to work as a fashion consultant for a multitude of international musicians. Each time he had to dress a client in clothing from a different label he silently pondered ways to make it into perfection. He became increasingly more obsessed with intricate designs and tweaks to be made to pre-existing clothing lines. Much like the big bang, he finally exploded with artistic inspiration and determination. Iridium was born. Soon, the majority of his time, money, and energy were drained in his efforts to start Iridium Clothing Co. The result of his monumental efforts has been an immense gratification through mental relief, financial gain, and social satisfaction. "You have to spend money to make money" he said, and he has! He exhausted all of his financial resources to make Iridium Clothing Co., and he has now achieved a profit which satisfies the need left by those expenditures. He did what he loved simply because he loved it. He followed his passion, and the money followed him. 

Mr Platinum has a degree in Bio Chemistry; hence his knowledge is the very thing which inspired him Iridium is the 77th element on the periodic chart it, right next to platinum (78th). Iridium is the purest form of platinum. Mr. Platinum appreciates the clean, freshness Iridium represents, so naming the company after the element which embodies exactly what he stands for was perfect. He has been inspired by God, family, life, and love. He grew up idolizing  Ralph Lauren. Throughout high school, Platinum watched in awe at Ralph Lauren's creativity, elegance and style. After relocating to Japan, he began to take a deeper interest in what's known as "street wear." He has now incorporated the creative, tasteful style of Ralph Lauren into the fresh, urban fashion of Iridium

The site is exciting, fresh and entirely one of a kind! The designs are made for those who love to make a statement through clothing. They offer everything from the most crunk leather jackets to outrageously comfortable, stylish sweat pants. Street wear has never been so chic! They offer a variety of apparel for men and women, but also have some (how can I put this..) bad ass accessories! After a visit to Iridium, you will be turning every head in town without even trying.

With his wife, Geli, and Custom Designer, Pugs, Platinum has created a thriving clothing company which caters to the individuality of its clients. The site has features such as a blog, a customize page, videos, and a great feature to track any items bought. The raw uniqueness of this brand is striking. Each member of the Iridium team dedicates their time to cultivating this innovative clothing company. They focus on "thinking science." They encourage others to think intelligently. One's clothing is a gleaming statement of one's personality and mood. Think about what clothes you wear. Your body is a temple, right? Well, Mr. Platinum agrees, and he would like you to think about the way you want to display that temple to the world. Be different.  If you like expressing your individuality, this is the brand for you. Learn it. Love it. Live it. Welcome to Iridium everyone, the excitement is infectious. 
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-Cheyenne Hendricks
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