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Holiday Traditions :: Personal Traditions

Wednesday, November 27, 2013 Kenny Muzzey

The redundancy of the holidays, they haven’t even officially hit yet and tired of them I have already grown. Let us take a little bit of a different spin here on the holidays today friends. Setting aside the family and the friends for a few moments, let us focus on you, as an individual. Mandy Hale one said “It’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and to make your happiness a priority. It’s necessary.”  

In the spirit of the holidays however, we are going to talk about personal traditions, your very own exclusive traditions. Think about it for a few minutes, we all have them. Perhaps it is a rare tradition; maybe it is something you do quite frequently. When I was younger, every time I would take a trip, I would purchase a CD.  I'd throw it in the CD player and always end up finding a few songs I started to associate with that particular trip.  The people I was with, or the place I was in. To this day, whenever I hear these songs I drift back to that time and just sit and reminisce.  Where are those people now?  Who have they become?  Do they too return to this place; physically or mentally?  As I have grown older, those CD's have become pint glasses.  And now, I usually travel alone so those glasses signify more of a milestone for that place in time and that location in which I had been.

The association with music is more on a personal level, but the pint glasses are more of a discussion piece, just like a vastly decorated photo album. Speaking of which, what about photographs? They are a staple of any trip, aren’t they? Another of my personal traditions, is that every time I pay visit to a new location, specifically on a photo trip, I will shoot my feet, resting, standing, or dangling somewhere that I feel is unique. Usually somewhere with an abnormal floor, rooms with little to no floor, or just a place that seems to fit the mood.

Finally, a silly little tradition I had started a few years ago, I run a lot of races, 5k, 10k, obstacle based races, as I said, races. Anyway, I always make a point to be extremely unhealthy the night before a race, usually, drinking and smoking. There is something about a person’s face when you explain to them that you had been out late drinking the night before. Some nights involve heavy drinking, others not so much, and at least a single cigar, if not two.

So there you have it, these are my personal traditions, how about you? What do you have for us? Maybe you buy a piece of jewelry at every destination you visit, you bring back a stone or have to eat a certain meal, whatever it is feel free to share it with us here at Halfstack, we are interested to know! Last but not least, have a safe and happy thanksgiving! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, which, of course, would leave you open for a lot of possibilities.

On an unrelated note, I’d like to shout out Happy Birthday to Bridget, and a very belated Happy Birthday to OJ, and a special thanks to Sophia who has been helping out a lot lately!

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