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Get Festive with a Pumpkin and Yam Facial

Monday, November 25, 2013 Kimberly Manning

Tucked in a quiet nook of Chicago’s most buzzing shopping center, the Mitchell Dental Spa offers visitors an oasis among the hustle and bustle. What better place is there to pamper yourself? The Mitchell Dental Spa isn’t your typical cleaning/braces/cavity-type of place. In fact, the Mitchell Dental Spa offers luxurious services like facials and massages as well, and if you’re in the market to pamper yourself with a seasonally inspired treatment, there’s no better place to go.

The pumpkin and yam facial treatment not only smells like the season, it will get you ready for what’s to come in December. The treatment is the perfect option if you want to moisturize and provide your skin with anti-aging properties, but it’s also a great gift for anyone on your list this year.

The treatment is comprised of several steps, each of which feel soothing and rich even during the process. The yam and pumpkin enzyme puree tingles, but that just means it’s doing its job. Each step makes the skin feel soft, plump and ageless. The lips and eyes don’t get left out either. The wild plum eye cream banishes dark circles and makes your eyes pop, while the lip treatment leaves you with full, soft and beautiful lips.

Mitchell Dental Spa’s pumpkin and yam facial uses a line of products from Eminence Organics from Hungary. More than 50 years ago, locals in Hungary began using herbs, fruits and plants for skin care, as they were natural and safe for the skin. The products were created with hand-picked ingredients and were made in small batches to ensure excellence. All of Eminence’s products are made with green energy, because to them, it’s just as important to nourish the skin as it is to nourish the world.

After the facial, you’ll not only feel like your skin has gotten a complete makeover, you’ll be ready to take on whatever the holidays throw your way. It’s soothing, relaxing and the perfect way to pamper yourself with rich nutrients and antioxidants. Plus, who doesn't want to look and feel great this time of the year? 

Now through November 30th, the Pumpkin and Yam Facial is on special: 

$47.50, regularly $95 for 60 minutes
$27.50, regularly $55 for 30 minutes.  

To schedule an appointment, please call (312) 642-1014

845 North Michigan Avenue
9th Floor (922-E), Water Tower Place
Chicago, IL 60611

- Kim Manning
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