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Fermented Fruit Clothing

Thursday, November 14, 2013 Sophie Magdalena

What do you consider beautiful?  Would you dare to push the limits of your self-expression by wearing something unordinary or different from those trends considered socially "in style?"

Eli Borrowman, an emerging Chicago fashion designer, does just that.  Her collection dubbed Fermented Fruit, is considered avant garde and challenges the societal definition of beautiful.  She isn't afraid to push the limits between the relationship of fashion and art to create pieces of wearable art.  

Completely open about where she draws her inspiration from, Eli shares that the name Fermented Fruit stems from past work she's made in relation to the connection between her mother and her mother's alcoholism.....  "I was able to take something like her problem and put a positive spin on it because I believe that everything in my life has made me who I am and even though some of those experiences are negative, I've learned a lot from them.  I learned a lot about myself through my mother."   

Eli's work is inspired by her obsession with personal narrative and how she can create an identity though the materials we place on our bodies....  Using unconventional textiles and reclaimed fabrics, the tradition of sewing was fostered by her mother, grandmother and the other women in her family.  It's been through these experiences and training that Eli hopes Fermented Fruit Clothing will transforms fashion into a statement of design ingenuity and innovation.  Pulling inspiration from dark places and life experiences, Fermented Fruit encompasses the transformation of traditional views in fashion into that of beauty in everything around us.  Everything from our life experiences, daily mundane tasks... to the clothes we wear!  

To learn more about Eli and Fermented Fruit Clothing, visit  To shop her collection, shop Etsy HERE.  

- Sophia Sanchez
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