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Corporate America Cheapens Holiday Spirit

Wednesday, November 06, 2013 Kenny Muzzey

It seems as if it is happening earlier and earlier every year. Heartless companies cram corporate America’s version of holiday cheer down the public’s throat in a way that would make, even Ron Jeremy blush. This year we started seeing holiday decorations spring up even before Halloween had hit. And it is not just Thanksgiving and Christmas, there were Halloween displays set up at local stores as early as mid-July.  

It's obnoxious how Corporate America cannot seem to get those holiday displays up fast enough.  But come December 26th, and the glittery lights, glamorous ornaments, and plentiful pines - that these companies believe encompass the holidays - are packed away in to boxes and crammed in a dark, dusty backroom at an astonishing rate by a temporary workforce receiving minimum wage. 

I am not trying to go all Ebenezer Scrooge on you.  Don't get me wrong.  I enjoy the sights of the holiday season as much as the next guy.  I look forward to Christmas lights reflecting on serene fluffy white snow that cover everything in a soothing blanket of tranquility.  The sweet smell of sugar cookies baking in a toasty oven and the calming sounds of classic holiday carols, but all in due time.  Despite the substantial price tag that hangs heavily over this time of year, there is so much more to be had.    

And this is where the confusion often lies.  Unlike the picture that is painted by Corporate America, the meaning behind the holidays cannot be boxed up, dressed in shiny wrapping paper, nor decorated with a bow and card.  The holidays are about something less materialistic and much more spiritualistic.  Togetherness, laughter, friends, family, joy, the sights and sounds of the season, food, fun, festivities.  To put it simply, a time to give thanks to those who make us feel special... Those who love us and those whom we love.  

And is it really so terrible to extend the holiday season beyond December 26th, even if just for a few days?  Ease us out after we are eagerly plunged face first in to this vat of commercialism.  But no, when the clock strikes midnight on December 25th, almost all radio stations toss out their Christmas tunes like the wrapping paper and boxes their Christmas gifts arrived in.  

The true meanings of the holidays are being desecrated by a shameless assassin known as Corporate America.  The traditions, ideals, and morals that represent the holiday spirit are being substituted with overpriced goods coming from overseas. There is a good chance these cheaply made items are not something one would even desire in the first place, judging from the return lines that form at the front of the store all the extend as far as the country where these products originated.

"That's what it's all about, isn't it? That's what it's always been *about*. Gifts, gifts... gifts, gifts, gifts, gifts, gifts! You wanna know what happens to your gifts? They all come to me. In your garbage. You see what I'm saying? In your *garbage*. I could hang myself with all the bad Christmas neckties I found at the dump. And the avarice...The avarice never ends! 'I want golf clubs. I want diamonds. I want a pony so I can ride it twice, get bored and sell it to make glue.' Look, I don't wanna make waves, but this *whole* Christmas season is..." 
-How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Special thanks to Olivia who inspired me to write this piece.

~Kenny Muzzey~
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