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Carve the Turkey, Bit@hes!!

Thursday, November 21, 2013 Sophie Magdalena


'Tis the season for cooking turkeys, mashing taters, baking casseroles and drinking too much, as we count the minutes until Uncle Merv falls off his bar stool.  And every year, without the slightest recollection of the 'pain in the ass trouble' it was to prepare a spectacular meal the year before, we offer up our homes to host once again!  

I can only speak for myself, but I guess I'm glutton for punishment.  Year after year, I take on the task of preparing a copious amount of food to the point of indulgence as I stress over ways to outdo myself from the previous year's meal.  I can already feel my blood pressure climbing in anticipation.... 

Lucky me, I had the opportunity to sit down with author Jason Bailin of Chicago to 'talk shop' about his latest and greatest cookbook, 'CARVE THE TURKEY, Bit@hes!'  And it was during my rant about my blunders and fears of taking on another Thanksgiving feast in which I received the best advice I've heard to date! 

"After I'm done teaching your sorry ass a few things, the only thing you'll need to do is CARVE THE TURKEY, Bit@h!"  

WTF?!  Typically, I'm as tame as mouse, but under any other circumstance, I'd be karate choppin'em straight in the jejunum, after being called a BIT@H!  But Bailin's safe for at least one more day, because this gal's a fan.... 

Bailin's collection of cookbooks deemed 'Get in the Kitchen, Bit@hes!,' are honest, direct and just a little bit mean.  Okay, a lot a bit mean, but what the hell, I already said I'm glutton for punishment.  And if you're anything like me, then you should be in agreement that 'a little sass goes a long way.' And Bailin's tongue-and-cheek writing style has everyone talking!  

His approach, which is to encourage people to not take themselves so seriously, is intended to make the act of cooking lighthearted and enjoyable,whether you are a beginner or an experienced chef.  And with three cookbooks under his belt and his GET IN THE KITCHEN, Bit@hes! Spice Blends, learning to cook is easy to do!  

His latest creation, CARVE THE TURKEY, Bit@hes!, which hit bookshelves on November 5th is no exception.  Full of quips, puns, and brazen declarations, this book was released just in time to help your poor excuse of a cook pull off a miracle!!  CARVE THE TURKEY, Bit@hes!, which reads like a book will have you laughing your ass off and blushing in parts as you ask yourself, "Is he really allowed to say that?"  

And on top of the good time you'll have catching up with Bailin's latest antics, CARVE THE TURKEY, Bit@hes! has more than 100 recipes that range from easy to difficult as labeled by his saucy rating system.....  Dumb Ass, The Little Chef Who Could, and Are You F%@cking Kidding Me?.... while explaining techniques that will assist you step by step in creating the most delicious in Thanksgiving meals.  Certainly your best to date!  

GET IN THE KITCHEN, Bit@hes! isn't just a funny catch phrase, it's simply genius as Bailin prepares to revolutionize the way we approach cooking.  So jump on the bandwagon and buy his entire collection today and avoid being labeled a loser in the kitchen for one more day!  

Check out Jason Bailin on the web....

And check back with Halfstack Magazine in our Winter Issue as I get up close and personal with author Jason Bailin to get the goods on the best of his enterprise, Whipped & Beaten Culinary Works, Inc

- Sophia Sanchez
Director of Digital Content

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