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Briogeo : A New Take On Hair

Thursday, November 07, 2013 Teresa Espinoza

As women, we can get pretty obsessive about our hair. I’ll admit to being one of them! We dread those bad hair days and hand over hundreds to achieve those good hair days! However, with so many products out there it can be difficult to pick out the good ones from the bad ones. Let me do some of the work for you! Meet Briogeo Hair, a prestige hair care brand. Briogeo is a naturally based hair care collection made up of four different products, and all made here in the USA. It’s designed to meet a wide variety of hair textures and types. There’s something for everyone! I had the opportunity to try out this newest line of hair care products and it definitely didn’t disappoint.

My biggest hair problem is breakage. The constant straightening, drying and curling takes a toll on my hair. Don’t Despair, Repair Hydrating mask did wonders on my hair. It’s a treatment for hair that is chemically treated, color treated, dry, breaking and/or damaged. After only 3 uses of the hydrating mask, lab studies showed 81% less hair breakage. After a couple uses of this, I’m officially hooked!

Looking for a new shampoo for your tresses? Be Gentle, Be Kind Shampoo does the job perfectly. It’s a rich-foaming, nutrient-rich shampoo that works for all hair types. It’s packed with avocado oil, Aloe Vera, vitamin E, panthenol and more. I absolutely loved the scent of this and it left my hair feeling soft and shiny. All smiles with this one!

Have curly locks that need some taming? Curl Charisma Conditioner is formulated for curls that need less frizz and more shine. It softens and defines curls while also enhancing shine and strength of the hair. It has sweet almond oil, shea butter, tomato fruit ferment extract and more of what your curls need.

For those that have limp, fine or thin hair. There’s something for you too. Blossom & Bloom conditioner is made specifically for hair that needs an extra boost of thickness, volume and body. This was another one of my favorites. I’m all about volume and I can't stand limp hair. This gave my hair more volume while still soothing frizz. It contains Maltodextrin, which enhances volume and body by coating each strand of hair for a fuller-looking appearance. It also contains ginseng root, which stimulates blood flow and encourages hair growth!

There’s something for all hair types with Briogeo. Make sure to add Briogeo to your list of hair care products to buy! You can find all the mentioned Briogeo products online at or at

Teresa Espinoza
Fashion/Style Editor
Halfstack Magazine

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