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Black Friday Survival Guide with ACME Hotel Company

Tuesday, November 26, 2013 Sophie Magdalena

The long awaited Black Friday... For some, it's a day full of excitement as they shuffle through the masses trying to shop for all those special people on their holiday gift lists.  For others, it's a day of hibernation, a day to lounge in pajamas, munching on the mountains of leftover food.  

And whether you love to shop for the best deals of the season, or hide out until the chaos subdues, Acme Hotel Company in Chicago has everything you need to get you through this Thanksgiving season in style!  

Let Acme Hotel Company help you navigate the obstacles of Black Friday sales by offering a package that prepares you for the big day!  From alcohol, water, power bars, 5-Hour Energy drinks and even an iTunes gift card to download your ultimate shopping playlist, Acme has all of the bases covered.  

The ACME "Black Friday Survival Guide" Package
- two mini-alcohol bottles
- a mini water
- a power bar
- a 5-Hour Energy Drink
- $25 iTunes gift card to download the ultimate shopping playlist

Package Pricing: 
- Regular room rate from 11/24 through 11/28 is $89
- Black Friday package between these dates starts at $109
- For Black Friday date the 29th, regular rates start at $159 and package starts at $179. 

Acme has even provided a few tips on how to make the most of your big day! 

1. Make a list! Write down everything and anything you want so that you can stay focused and not waste time thinking about it. Don’t trail from the list, unless, of course, there’s a two for one on animal sweaters. Everyone loves animal sweaters. 

2. Bring a shopping buddy. Plan ahead and plan to split up so you can snag items for each other. It’s the only way to be in two places at once; unless you have a stunt double, then this would be the time to use them for the dangerously good deals!

3. Familiarize yourself with each store’s price matching and/or coupon policy. You don’t want to let anyone take more money from you than needed…that’s the whole point of bargain shopping!

And if you prefer a quiet day in, let the Acme Hotel Company lend itself to you as a haven of chic luxury.  This lifestyle boutique is the perfect "stay-cation" that will make you feel at home. 

To book The ACME "Black Friday Survival Guide" Package call the hotel today:  (312) 894-0800.  

ACME Hotel Company
15  East Ohio Street
Chicago, IL  60611
(312) 894-0800

- Sophia Sanchez
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