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Tuesday, November 19, 2013 Sophie Magdalena

If you happened to be in attendance of our fantastic Beauty Bar Event at the Johnathan Breitung Salon & Luxury Spa last week, and if you happened to snag a peek at the amazing photos that were snapped at our event photo booth, then it will be of absolutely no surprise to you when I tell you what a talent Photographer, Stephanie Battista is. 

A photographer in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago with a unique point of view, Stephanie has a creative stamina that comes with a hunger for pushing the limits in creative photography. 

As an artist, Stephanie is most inspired by people and the stories that are deeply rooted in their minds eye.  She is most passionate about shoots where she can connect with her subject(s) and bring out a side to them they never knew was present.

Photographer Stephanie Battista
She has a deep fascination with advertising photography and the creative’s who work to add a twist to the mundane. Her energy is unmatched in the industry and she has the fervor of a young gun who is ready to take on the world. Her keen ability to execute strong shoots, art direct with unhindered imagination and ability to push her subjects beyond the typical has established her as a leader in the Chicago and suburban market.

Her talents have proven her worthy of admiration and her recent work shows her skills beyond her years. Recent works with Halfstack magazine and local businesses have kept her on her toes, but it is her current endeavor that will make the biggest impact on the industry as it stands. Teaming up with her partner in crime – Zach Grzeszkowiak, Stephanie has recently launched a branded creative company (Folklore Creative Chronicles) catering to the imaginative and whimsical personalities and families.

Folklore uses digital photography, graphic design, and illustration to bring you a variety of products including creative storybooks and portraiture, as well as artistic prints. Forget the days of forced smiles and awkward poses. At Folklore, they hope to capture the fun, the life, and the story of each person they meet!

Check out some of Stephanie's photos from the Halfstack Magazine Beauty Bar Event here: 

To hire Stephanie Battista or to simply follow her work, you can find her around the web.... 

Instagram: @batsyphoto

Folklore facebook:

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