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Answer The Call with GIV Mobile

Friday, November 01, 2013 Sophie Magdalena

Nowadays, everyone seems to have a cellphone.  From the 86 year old grandma who lives next door, to the 8 year old walking down the street.  Wireless communication has become a vital part of our everyday lives.  So much so, that most of us would be completely lost without the ability to fulfill the impuluse to send text messages, scour the internet or play the ever addicting Candy Crush game whenever we're hit with the desire.  

But what if using your cellphone could help in giving back?  We are already performing a function we would perform a million times a day, each time we pick up our phones.  What if that meant we were also giving back to the world?!  

PTel Mobile, a Chicago company and one of the pioneers in no-contract wireless, has been providing affordable wireless service since 2001.  And in the Spring of 2013, PTel Mobile launched GIV Mobile, the very first no-contract mobile service dedicated to giving 8% of every monthly payment to a non-profit organization of their customer's choice.  

"Wireless communication is an essential part of everyday life and GIV Mobile allows members to effortlessly contribute to their favorite charities just by using their mobile phone," says Omar Abhari, SVP Operation at GIV Mobile.  "GIV Mobile collaborates with extraordinary charities to create a community engaged and dedicated to answering the call and giving back."  

Their plans, starting at just $40/month with unlimited everything, a 4G network utilized by T-Mobile USA, Inc., and a selection of the most popular smartphones to choose from, GIV Mobile is the smart man's choice for affordable and reliable cell phone coverage with the added bonus of helping each of their customers connect with their communities. 

After choosing a plan, customers are able to select up to three charities from eight different categories that will receive a monthly donation. Charities include, Alzheimer's Association, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, American Red Cross, United Way Worldwide and many others.  GIV Mobile even opens up the charity selection process to it's members on a bi-annual basis in which members can nominate new organization for inclusion.  Members, then vote to decide which charity will be added to the GIV Mobile's service.  A fantastic way for everyone involved to feel tied to the overall mission of giving back.  

GIV Mobile wireless service is available exclusively at www.givmobile.com.  Consumers can sign up now to "Answer the Call" and start supporting their favorite charity while talking on one of the nation's largest and fastest 4G networks.  

Visit www.givmobile.com to learn more and to shop.  And don't forget to join Halfstack Magazine and the Johnathan Breitung Salon & Luxury Spa in Chicago for our Beauty Bar Event taking place on November 14th, where GIV Mobile was gracious enough to donate goody bag samples to the first 100 guests in attendance.  Join Halfstack Magazine, the team at Johnathan Breitung, GIV Mobile and several other vendors and sponsors for a night of beauty, shopping, good eats and cocktails.  To learn more, visit our event page, HERE.  

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