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Scoobies for Boobies & The Second Annual Chili Cook Off for a Cure

Wednesday, October 16, 2013 Kenny Muzzey

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the Second Annual Chili Cook Off for a Cure, working side by side with Scoobies for Boobies.  The event was sponsored by the West Chicago Professional Firefighters Union #3970 and took place at Hawthorne's Backyard where all of the proceeds from the event went to the efforts of Scoobies for Boobies.  

Upon my arrival, I noticed the parking lot was completely full (always a good sign) and traffic was being directed to a nearby park.  As I entered the benefit, the layout was much like a small campground.  But the first thing I had taken notice of before even entering the grounds was the sweet smell of chili.  The sweet, succulent scent of simmering beef.  With each breathe I drew in, I could feel the heat of the spices as they drifted listlessly through the brisk air.  I could not think of a better way to spend a crisp autumn afternoon!  Meandering through the crowd, I searched for the Scoobies for Boobies pavilion in hopes of meeting up with Michelle - a Scoobies for Boobies volunteer.  

From the brick walkway, the first thing that caught my eye was the large pink fire truck brought by Pink Heals of Illinois.  Upon closer inspection, the truck is covered in messages and signature of those who have survived battles with cancer; in addition to notes of remembrance for loved ones lost.

Situated next to the Pink Heals truck was a sizable fire pit where couples huddled for warmth and others sat and visited with friends, family, and neighbors. The fire sat adjacent to a few volleyball courts and a group of people playing bags.

Passing by several larger tents, a quaint trailer serving up drinks, and a group of people who had gathered to participate in a game of some sort, I took in the sights, the smells, and the sounds, much like a dog who’d managed to escape his yard for the first time. My mouth watered as I watched people cautiously shuffle to and fro with trays full of steaming chili.

In the background I could hear the band, a talented group calling themselves Faded Ink, covered a variety of hit singles in one of the larger tents for the duration of the evening. Within the tent, a plethora of prizes that were being featured in the silent auction. The prizes that ranged from sports/movie/music memorabilia, gift certificates, an acoustic guitar, kitchen and drinkware, and numerous other goods added an element of excitement to those participating in the auction.

Moving back the way I came I happened upon the SFB awning and quite a quirky upbeat girl, Michelle. After being introduced to Tony, another SFB volunteer, Michelle was kind enough to answer a few questions for me regarding Scoobies for Boobies.

Scoobies for Boobies
, is a national, and on occasion an international based fundraiser for breast cancer. Founded in 2008, by Sarah Taylor, Scoobies for Boobies is volunteer based and hosts a number of events over the course of the year. Michelle notes that they are always recruiting new volunteers as they continue to grow.

Taylor, who also founded, a forum dedicated to female Subaru enthusiasts, was personally affected by cancer and she wanted to use that experience to raise awareness and help others in need.

The mission of Scoobies for Boobies  is to engage the Subaru community in breast cancer awareness and education. In return, the Subaru community has helped support SFB by purchasing merchandise, making donations, promoting both Keep a Breast and Scoobies for Boobies, and finally encouraging breast cancer awareness.

Since 2008 SFB has continued to raise more money than the previous year with 100% of the proceeds being donated to charities of their choosing. In 2008 SFB raised $5,000, while last year they managed over $20,000 with the hopes of exceeding that amount this year. SFB started working with the Keep a Breast Foundation, KAB, in 2011. Keep a Breast was carefully selected by the Scoobies for Boobies as they believe that it is the most relevant charity for their supporters. Michelle had stated that the Keep a Breast Foundation has been fantastic to work with.

The Keep a Breast Foundation's primary focus is educating the public about breast cancer, prevention, and early detection. In addition they offer support programs for individuals who have been affected by breast cancer. KAB can be recognized by their “I <3 Boobies!” logo bracelets and their breast cast art.

The warmth of the fire and the bite of the chili was a great contrast to the much welcomed blustery breezes of that evening. As the morning and early afternoon had been shrouded in a chilly rain and monotonous grey clouds the evening was a clear, a portion of the moon was seen through the trees, and white balloons sporting a pink ribbon danced about the bluish black night sky and the stars shimmered into view. The fire popped, the people laughed, joked and smiled, the chili all but gone, as Michelle excitedly jumped about trying to stay warm, the band played their final set and the cook off slowly came to a close.

You can visit our friends Scoobies for Boobies on their blog, like them on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter. Or if you wish to make a donation check out the Keep A Breast Foundation. Additionally,
Scoobies for Boobies hosts a store that sells shirts, hoodies, vinyl decals, as well as other merch.

Thanks to Michelle, Tony, Scoobies for Boobies, and the readers here on HalfStack!

~Kenny Muzzey~
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