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One, Two, Spirit's Coming For You...

Monday, October 07, 2013 Sophie Magdalena

October has officially arrived. For many, October is laced with the smell of apple and cinnamon, the warming taste of pumpkin spiced lattes, reminiscent childhood memories of raking up piles of leaves only to jump in them afterwards creating a muddled disarray of reds, browns and oranges..... The illusion of paint on a canvas.

While the summer months are filled with sunshine and brightly colored days and spirits, October brings a shift in the dynamics of daily life, a clouded, sinister reality; almost as if we are watching the world through a camera lens or living the moment in a dream.

First come the chilly mornings, the changing color of the leaves, and then the clouds roll in consuming the sky in a blanket of gray with only moments of sunshine escaping from the prison in which it's held captive until the next Spring arrives.

And as the days of October creep forward, so does the eery mystique of the changing days, as the most frightening of days draws near...... Halloween.

October 31st.... The one night a year where people can be someone other than who they truly are. A night filled with costume and play; the Wall Street professional turns warlock demon, the stay at home mother of 3 is suddenly an alluring temptress, and the waitress at Denny's chooses the blood crazed serial killer as her poison. One thing is certain, as the October days come closing in and the horrors of Halloween are beyond escaping, our need for terror becomes consuming like the insatiable hunger of a zombie seeking human flesh.

Why then, do we become consumed with experiencing terrifying fear just one night a year, when our normal rituals and routines seek undertones of safety and security? To find the answer, we sought out the experts.......

Did you know that Spirit Halloween is the largest seasonal, Halloween retailer in North America? With over 1,050 stores opening each year, we'd say the retailer has got Halloween figured out. From frightfully fantastic costumes accessories, décor and more, Spirit Halloween is your one-stop shop for all of your Halloween essentials. And celebrating 30 years of Halloween excellence and continued growth from year to year, we'd be fools to look elsewhere for the remedy to our Halloween inquisitions!  

Having connected with Melissa Fell, Spirit Halloween Costume Stylist, and Mike Kroll, Spirit Halloween Visual Merchandise Manager, we have ALL of your questions covered today and now in an exclusive interview.....  

HSM:  What are the hottest Halloween adult costume trends for 2013? 

Melissa:  With 3 days to celebrate, Spirit Halloween is ramping up for a Monster Hallo'weekend, and adults are really in for some great costumes this year!  Adults looking for the hottest trends will be happy to know that not only do we have great exclusive partnerships, but they also fall into this year's hottest trends.  

Superheroes, like Batman, Superman, Spider Man and The Avengers (Iron Man). Spirit Halloween has costumes for the entire family to dress as superheroes, from infants to adults. And we don’t just sell costumes; Spirit Halloween has everything consumers need to complete the look with accessories, wigs, makeup and more. Plus, if customers want to spice up their superhero costume, they should check out our extensive line of female separates (corsets, skirts, gloves, socks).

The Walking Dead is another brand our fans are very familiar with and want to be for HalloweenSpirit Halloween has an exciting “zombie shop” in our stores where fans of the popular TV show will find everything that they need to finish the look of their favorite character (or zombie). And for those female fans out there, Spirit Halloween is the only place they will find the Sassy Rick Grimes costume.

Cartoon Network: Spirit Halloween’s line of Adventure Time and Regular Show costumes were created exclusively by our design team. We have an extensive assortment beyond costumes, (character accessories, such as Finn’s sword, hats, socks). The entire family, from infant to adult, can dress up as their favorite Adventure Time character

HSM:  With shows like Dexter, True Blood & The Walking Dead making media headlines, can we expect to see any unexpected costumes hit the market this season?  

MelissaIn addition to the previously mentioned, Spirit Halloween has some exciting new costumes! For anyone who’s ever wondered “what rhymes with hug me,” Spirit Halloween has one of this season’s hottest pop culture costumes – a “Twerkin’ Teddy" leotard for the ladies, a “Twerk Suit for the men and the infamous “Party Finger to complete the look.

The perfect costume to make a scene this Halloween, ladies can ‘twerk’ together on a group costume, because the only thing hotter than one Twerkin’ Teddy is a group of Twerkin’ Teddies. Or, show off your kinky moves with your significant other by pairing the Twerk Suit with a Twerkin’ Teddy. Be sure to throw in a Party Finger for that extra special something!  These costumes will hit the Spirit Halloween store shelves the week of October 7th. 

HSM:  Aside from costumes, what fun accessories can we expect to see a lot of this year? 

Melissa:  Spirit Halloween doesn't just have costumes in a bag.  Spirit has everything a consumer is going to need to finish the look of their favorite character.  Spirit Halloween offers the largest selection of accessories, from wigs, glasses, hats, to makeup, face application so that you can become your favorite zombie from The Walking Dead - plus everything the ladies will need to spice up their sexy costume with corsets, gloves, thigh-highs and much, MUCH more.  

Along with our individual accessories, Spirit Halloween has exclusive licensed partnerships which allow Spirit to create not only a costume, but a deeper assortment of accessories needed to bring your favorite character to life.  Some properties which Spirit Halloween has exclusive partnerships with, include "Adventure Time," "The Walking Dead," "Anchorman" and more!

HSM:  Are home decorations also a popular selling point for Spirit?  If so, what new spooky decor can we expect to see this year? 

MikeOur décor is spooktacular! We have a variety of products to offer for 2013. Whether you’re shopping for a gravestone, cob webs or the latest in animatronics, Spirit Halloween is the best place to find all of your home haunting needs for Halloween!

This year’s hot décor items include an array of products in our new Lawn Scares Collection – which includes Zombie Flamingos, Zombie Cats, Zombie Gnomes, and more. In addition, this year’s top animatronics include The Misfortune Teller who will greet you when you first enter Spirit Halloween, but don’t expect to hear any good news from her. Plus our scarier than ever Spirit Hollows Asylum features our popular Electrocuted Prisoner and the new Jumping Dog.

Whether your needs for Halloween this year are costumes of fuzzy pink bunnies or of blood sucking vamps, Spirit Halloween has you covered.  And if your still wondering what we sought out to answer from the start....  Spirit Halloween saved the best for last.... 

HSM:  Halloween is most often associated with "all things frightening."  In your opinion, why are people so caught up in the thrill of being scared for one night a year, when we spend so much time avoiding it throughout our normal lives?  

Mike:  Great question!  There is a thrill that people get out of being scared; I guess that’s why haunted houses and horror movies are so popular all year round. At Spirit Halloween, we bring that same thrill and excitement to our stores through our in-store experiences (ISE). This year, our stores feature a haunting circus filled with scary clowns. A haunted house featuring our popular Pumpkin Nester and the Spirit Hollows Asylum, as mentioned previously. Most of our customers enjoy spending time exploring and interacting with our frightening animatronics. This is a time of celebration, and more importantly, FUN! Halloween is a time when people can be whoever or whatever they want to be and spooky celebration with friends and family are certainly in season.

Halloween is fastly approaching and the dark, sinister and hair-raising festivities will soon ensue.  Check out Spirit Halloween online or visit one of their 1,050+ locations in all of North America for all of your frightful, Halloween needs.  

-Sophia Sanchez
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