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Monarc Brand: Revolutionizing Shopping For Men

Tuesday, October 15, 2013 Sophie Magdalena

Listen up men.....  How many times have you used the excuse "I hate shopping," to get out of a much needed, update to your wardrobes?  How many times have you told your significant others... "I just don't know what to buy?!"  Excuse.... being the operative word here.  These reasons just don't bode well as reasons for not looking and dressing your best.  

As a man, have you ever asked yourself why women seem to have options for clothing that come in every shape and size?  Why then, are men expected to fit into the same "box-y," off the rack styles present from store to store?!  And if you've ever said to yourself, "I'm stuck with what I've got because I just can't afford custom clothing," well that excuse is no longer valid either...  

Menswear fashion is a rapidly growing industry with more and more options for the fashion forward male than ever before, and if too many options stunt your ability to make a decision like staring at the endless choices on the menu of your favorite restaurant, then Halfstack Magazine has something exciting to share with you!  

Monarc Brand, a local, Chicago-based menswear brand, is reinventing the way men shop for custom apparel.  Long time friends, Mookie and Dan, Co-Founders, found they had a common frustration in finding quality clothing that fit their body types.  Tailoring off the rack suits and shirts became incommodious and expensive and it was after a trip to southeast Asia, in which Mookie experienced affordable, perfect fitting clothing that the idea for Monarc was born.

Monarc offers custom suits, shirts and accessories at an affordable price with a comparable quality to Hugo Boss, (and if you happen to be a lady reading this, who isn't a complete sucker for a man in a sexy Hugo Boss suit?)  Before you completely write us off and say we're crazy for suggesting that custom clothing in Chicago could ever be remotely affordable, just hear us out!


Monarc's unique business model is what allows for an affordable and pleasurable experience in finding a look that best suits your needs.  By blending fashion and technology, Monarc offers a seamless online retail experience with Style Advisors who come to you to make purchasing custom clothing simple and affordable.  

What on earth does that mean, you ask?!  Simply sign up online and a Style Advisor will contact you to schedule an appointment.  The trained Style Advisor will come to you at home, the office, the Starbucks near your house.....  basically anywhere you want him/her to meet you.  The Style Advisor will then take your measurements, talk fabrics and materials, and make recommendations, walking you through the process of building your custom suit or shirts.  The entire appointment takes 10-15 minutes and the service is completely complimentary.

Aren't sold on the idea of a Style Advisor coming to you?  Monarc offers videos on their website that walk you through a step-by-step process in taking your own measurements, so you can get the full custom clothing shopping experience on your very own.  

With their custom shirt pricing starting at just $89.00, wardrobe malfunctions are a nightmare of the past.  And with the convenience of online shopping and fit assurance, you can't go wrong with Monarc Brand

Sign up with Monarc today to schedule your appointment and to be on your way to a dapper future.  Follow Monarc on Facebook and Twitter.  

- Sophia Sanchez 
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