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Going Green with The Green Ribbon Gala

Tuesday, October 29, 2013 Sophie Magdalena

On Saturday October 19th, American Junkie in River North was filled with eco-conscious party goers sipping on organic cocktails and donning their finest duds.  Strobe lights cascaded across the dance floor as Special K spun out a concoction of old school '80s and '90s hip-hop and R&B as well as today's biggest hits.  The crowd was ready to have a good time, and all for a good cause.  

The event was hosted by NBC5 Chicago Meteorologist Cheryl Scott and Amber Autumn, who founded the Green Ribbon Foundation.  In an effort to promote green practices and bring together some of the area's most environmentally friendly businesses, the Green Ribbon Gala was a one-of-a-kind event chock full of excitement.  

The highlight of the night was the fashion show, announced by Scott and Autumn.  Stix and Roses and The Green Goddess Boutique displayed casual and dress attire for part goers looking for a sustainable way to showcase their fashion sense.  Instead of leather or suede, these pieces were made with recycled items like plastic bottles and bamboo! 

Not only did attendees get a chance to see how to live a bit greener, they had a chance to play their part as well.  Sport fanatics, chocoholics, whiskey enthusiasts and many more bid on items such as a miniature helmet signed by Devin Hester.  All proceeds went to green-friendly efforts.  

The 2013 event was the second annual Green Ribbon Gala to inspire Chicagoans to save more money, live efficiently and play a role in the preservation of our beautiful city.  All food and drinks were made with local and organic ingredients, proving you can eat well without compromise.  Good news:  You can choose organic alcohol too, although we can't promise you won't still have a hangover.  

To learn more about the Green Ribbon Foundation,visit their website HERE or follow on Facebook.  Take a peek at a few pictures from the event..... 

- Kimberly Manning
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