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Get Your Horror Fix with All Girls Frankenstein

Thursday, October 31, 2013 Sophie Magdalena

All Girls Frankenstein is part snarky humor, part sexually charged overtones and, of course, part classic horror. Taking place in a small theater that seats roughly 40 guests, the production is the work of Bob Fisher who spearheads the Chicago Mammals Project

All Female Cast 

The All Girls Project, who also performed Moby Dick in the Spring of 2013, gives Chicago actresses a chance to play male-centric roles.  Not to mention it gives the production a unique flair that a normal casting of the roles just can't do.  Erin Meyers plays the lead role of Victor Frankenstein and Amy E. Harmon is hauntingly disheveled as the creature.  Erin Orr, Liz Chase, Whitney LaMora, Sarah Koerner and Julie Cowden round out the main cast. 

Erin Meyers as Victor Frankenstein

The scene of All Girl Frankenstein is set in a dark and gloomy theater paired with spooky strobe lights, a gravel walkway and haunting noises. Each character, except those who played females, donned dark makeup and updos to transform their appearances.  

Based on the classic novel by Mary Shelly, All Girls Frankenstein follows Victor as he works to create a new being from old body parts, but the creature he creates yearns for something so human:  a companion.  Victor realizes his mistake in bringing life back to the dead, and it becomes even more apparent as the creature kills some of his most beloved.  

While Halloween may soon be over, it's not too late to catch this classic live.  All Girls Frankenstein production will be at Zoo Studios Friday and Saturday nights through November and keep a look out for the third play in the All Girls Project series:  Heart of Darkness.  

Buy your tickets HERE.  

- Kimberly Manning
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