2nd Annual Zombies vs Vampires Pub Crawl chicago

Costume Crawls & Halloween Hallway Presents........

Wednesday, October 09, 2013 Sophie Magdalena

'Tis the time for ghoulish and menacing play, as All Hallow's Eve inches near.....  Are you ready to transform yourself into a vampiress vixen or a soulless corpse with a ravenous hunger for human flesh?!  Halloween is only three weeks away leaving you with just the right amount of time to get your affairs in order before the spine-chilling, Halloween event of the year hits Chicago.........  

Costumes Crawls and Halloween Hallway present..... 

2nd Annual Zombies vs. Vampires Pub Crawl 

"Across the nation Zombies are attacking and the Vampire council will not stand for it.  Vampires will fight back!  In the # 1 Halloween party of the year, the time has come to unleash the living dead and bring forth the first pub crawl competition!  This event will top the charts with blood sucking drink specials in Chicago's very own Wicker Park and will be a fight to the ultimate death.......  Which dark side will claim the trophy?"  

Don't have a costume?!  Don't have the face paint?!  Don't have the balls?! Those excuses won't get you far.  From costumes, make up, hats, wigs and more, Halloween Hallway has everything you need to help you transmogrify yourself into the petrifying and blood-curling, living dead.  Which side will you choose?!  Whether Zombie or Vamp....  pick your poison, for it's sure to be a hair-raising time.

And Halfstack Magazine has partnered with Costume Crawls to bring you the best in tricks and treats to make sure you and a friend have a nightmarish time on us........  Definitely feel free to purchase your tickets to this event......  or if you dare, enter our giveaway for your chance to get in free!  

- Like our Facebook Pages
- Submit your scariest costume picture from Halloween's past
- Get your friends to like the shit out of it

It's that easy.....  

Don't be a fool and think you can defeat the coming plague.....  join the dark side before the Zombies and Vampires take over.....  

For a complete list of rules,details and how to enter the Halfstack Halloween Giveaway, click HERE.  

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