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Coastal Trends and City Favorites with Arthur & Livingston

Thursday, October 17, 2013 Cheyenne Hendricks

Bring the style of the sea shore to any city with Arthur & Livingston, who offers priceless accents for any Fall style.  Can't wait for Spring?  Then don't!  Make your Fall fashion pop with Arthur & Livingston island designs!  They have the Spring frills to accentuate all of your Fall fashions.  

Gregory $98.00

Not only do they have gorgeous accents to go with any outfit, but if you're a lover of gold or silver, you're in luck!  Arthur & Livingston has both gold and silver alternatives to every piece.

Hope $58.00

Tres Magnifique is the deliciously talented Nicole Antoinette, designer for Arthur & Livingston.  She loves the fusion of coastal and city fashions!  Her idyllic pieces are perfect for everyday wear.  She beautifully weaves the trends of her Caribbean heritage with contemporary elements making her accessories inimitable!

Bimini $88.00

Incorporate stunning Spring colors into your Fall wardrobe.  Who doesn't love a hot statement piece that is sure to catch the eye of any fashion enthusiast?  Arthur & Livingston carries the bold necklaces which will compliment each of your fall sweaters!  After all, a necklace is a sweater's best friend.

Queen $78.00

So, if you want that one-of-a-kind look, head over to Arthur & Livingston for the irresistible looks that brighten any outfit every day of the year! 

For the latest updates, bargains and sea-to-sidewalk styles, keep up with Arthur & Livingston on social media!  


**To shop the necklaces in this feature, click on the name under your desired necklace image or click on the necklace image in the slideshow to be taken to the website address for your desired product.**

-Cheyenne Hendricks
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