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Chic-A-Go Style with One-Stop-Plus

Thursday, October 10, 2013 Cheyenne Hendricks

From the mind of the multitalented, Nancy LeWinter, the world's first web-mall for both Plus Size women and Big & Tall men has arrived! With over twenty years of experience in the fashion and publishing industries, LeWinter offers a unique perspective on fashion as it relates to the plus-size community. With 65% of all American women wearing a size 12+, the plus-size market cannot be overlooked! OneStopPlus has upscale fashion with a comfy feel at an affordable price.

Ladies, the holidays are upon us! It's time to get caught up on this year's Fall Faves. Not only can you buy the hottest trends from all your favorite stores on one website, but also, your guy can get a brand new wardrobe all at the same time! They offer a plethora of options varying from cosmetics, accessories, and home accents to this year's hottest styles in men and women's clothing and lingerie. The site features all of your favorite styles and brands in one place such as the following: Torrid, Jessica London, Avenue, Gucci, with King Size, NBA, Nascar, and Wrangler for men! 

The people at OneStopPlus know that styles fluctuate from coast to coast, so fashion expert and Editorial Director, Nancy LeWinter, is offering you her style-by-city guide for your city, your weather, and your life. Chicago is known for its sharp winds and sharp dressers! The citizens of Chicago have the pleasure of enjoying perfect fall weather, and this season, there's always something new to do! At OneStopPlus, they know the importance of being chic on the go. So, without further ado, here are the top three trends for fall in Chic-A-Go.

In the fall, precipitation is at its lowest in Chicago. Hence, you're free to indulge in one of this year's hottest trends, leather. OneStopPlus has leather coats, jackets, pants, and dresses in every size and color! You can wear the lightweight Jessica London leather jacket to a casual Sunday brunch or the stunning leather coat from Woman Within (which comes in multiple sizes and colors) that's the perfect length for jeans or a dress!

Second of all, Chicago loves pantsuits and jeggings for fall! Whether you like the polished, feminine look of a pantsuit or the relaxed, casual look of denim, Jessica London has them both! Get the panache of a pantsuit with denim or the comfort of denim in a pantsuit. In these outfits you'll turn more heads than a Chicago breeze! Add soft cardigan or curve hugging sweater to a pair of jeggings, and you've got the perfect outfit for day or night!

And last but not least, it's military mania! Nothing looks more chic as fall transitions into winter than a military style jacket or tunic paired with some stylish leggings! Get a great jacket to refine your look or jeans which will provide the fit and coverage you love all year round!

So, for your 2013 holidays, enter fall in style with OneStopPlus.

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-Cheyenne Hendricks
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