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Bar Hunters on The Discovery Channel

Monday, October 21, 2013 Sophie Magdalena

Alright Halfstackers....  Tonight premiers a show called Bar Hunters on The Discovery Channel and I expect you all to tune in!

Host, Tom Powers of Chicago, gives 'wannabe' bar owners the chance to turn their dreams into reality.  With the first two episodes premiering back-to-back in less than an hour, don't miss out on all the hype and watch as Tom walks first time bar owners through the process of starting a business.  

Each week, Tom will hunt down three high potential spots and reveal how each location can be transformed into the ultimate money making investment.  But not all spaces are created equally, with each having its own share of positives and negatives.  Tom gives his expert opinion, ranking each space on a scale of one to ten for success.  However, the decision lies in the hands of the bar newbies who must decide which space fits their visions!  

In tonight's first episode, Tom heads out to the college party town of Tempe, Arizona to help two longtime pals who are looking to open a down and dirty, All-American country western bar complete with mechanical bull!  Tune in to watch as Tom attempts to help them achieve their dreams without breaking the bank, tonight at 10pm EST on the Discovery Channel

And tune in to Halfstack later this week as I sit down with Tom Powers for an exclusive interview just for you guys!  

- Sophia Sanchez
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