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The Countdown Begins.. 15 Days!

Monday, September 02, 2013 Sophie Magdalena

Hi Folks!  Sophia here.....  for those of you who don't know me, I am the Digital Content Manager & Copy Editor here at Halfstack Magazine!  I've been working for Jenny, Kate and the rest of the Halfstack crew for about a year now and to say it's been an adventure is an understatement!  The brain child of 3 good friends, Jenny Lezan, Mariana Quaranta & Kate Roth, this little baby started off as a fun hobby among friends.  A year and a half later, this publication has turned into a growing team of at least 20, extremely talented and creatively ingenious individuals.  Every single day, we achieve new heights in terms of readership, branding and the level of quality in the content we provide our readers!  

First Issue of Halfstack Mag Cover

Halfstack launched it's first issue in March of 2012 with a few hundred followers and readers; our last issue, which launched just this past summer (and can be found HERE), has hit record views!  Our fans and followers have grown exponentially!  We never imagined that in such a short amount of time, we'd be saying we worked with labels such as Hall&Madden, The Paraders, Tru Blooms Chicago, Archer Townsend, Skala Designs, Anna Hovet and soooo many others.  It really has been a dream come true!  

Summer 2013 Cover

In a few short weeks, September 17th to be exact, we will be launching our next issue...  and it's going to be another great one!  Sounds cliche, right?  Perhaps, but when you're right, you're right.... and we are right!  And in a very big way!  Loaded with music, there's Austin City Limits, the Midwest Urban Music Awards, upcoming album releases and shows.  Your ears will be itching to rock out before you make it through the final pages.  

But don't fret my pets...  there's no shortage of fashion features either!  Anna Hovet makes her Halfstack Magazine debut along with Skala Designs as they showcase their fab, sporty and chic designs!  From do's to don'ts, there is plenty to fill the brains of both men and women for all of the hot trends for Fall.  

There's books, brains, beauty and art.....  One of our best compiled issues to date!  Over the next couple of weeks, until the launch of the issue, we will be filling your news feeds with snippets, teasers and sneak peeks of all the fabulous features we will be showcasing in the pages of our sixth issue!  And if this is your first time to Halfstack, check us out and stay awhile.  Become a fan, and be a part of our journey as we take this baby and reach national heights!  

The Fall issue goes live on September 17th...  so don't forget to come back soon! 

-Sophia Sanchez
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