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Skala Designs: A Sneak Peek

Thursday, September 05, 2013 Sophie Magdalena

Halfstack Magazine teamed up with some great designers for the Fall Editorial Spread.  One of those incredible talents was Amani Skalacki....  creative genius behind Skala Designs

"I'm a Chicago girl through and through!"  

And are we ever happy to claim her!  Now based in Kansas City, Missouri; Amani has dedicated her life to being an artist, a designer and quite honestly, the face behind some of the most beautiful jewelry we have ever seen.  

Amani Skalacki, Founder, Designer & Artist at Skala Designs

Taking vintage to an entirely new level, Amani transports you back in time to a place where beauty was in the details.  From the brooches, to the mother of pearl buttons, and rhinestones to crystal beading...  every piece is intricately designed down to the clasps, to bring you handcrafted jewelry that is modern, elegant, one-of-a-kind, and classic.  

You may be asking yourself how Amani's designs could be any different given that vintage inspired lines are popping up everywhere........  

The difference is that each one of Amani's pieces is created from treasures, antiquities, and components of discarded vintage jewelry, mixed with the unusual materials of recycled fabrics and industrial chains; giving the wearer a unique and little piece of history to cherish. 

This time around, Halfstack teamed with Amani and Anna Hovet to bring you an incredible fashion spread, where Amani created original pieces for the Halfstack photo shoot.  To say that we are beyond excited to share this with our readers, is quite an understatement.  But you will have to wait 12 more days just like the rest of us to see the final product!  

Check back on September 17th to see the full length article featuring Amani Skalacki and the great fashion spread awaiting the release of the Halfstack Fall issue....  

In the meantime, check out Skala Designs on Facebook.

-Sophia Sanchez
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