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Sexy In Red: A Hot New Item from Skinn Cosmetics

Friday, September 20, 2013 Sophie Magdalena

Who doesn't love to look and feel glamorous?!  What makes each woman feel beautiful can vary; perhaps throwing on a sassy little black dress or an intense workout at the gym does it for you..... But for me?!  A bold, sexy red lipstick does the trick!  

I (Sophia here), was lucky enough to snag a sample of Skinn Cosmetics' new Hollywood Red Lip Palette for testing and to say that I've been trying to find any reason to wear the fabulous colors, is an understatement.  Is throwing on a hot red lipstick while sporting my gym shorts and sneaks to head to the grocery store for a gallon of milk a bit much??  

No joke, this Lip Palette offers six stunningly gorgeous scarlet shades of red....  from Strawberry Pink, Cherry Red, to Juicy Grape....  It's versatile for every occasion, skin tone and you can even custom blend to create your own perfect look.  

When I received the sample in the mail, it came with a note giving me all the fun facts about the product, including... "each color features collagen-boosting peptides that aids in anti-aging to help keep your lips looking plump and full for years to come...."  I'll be honest, I'm always leery to believe these kinds of "facts" because I don't have the fab, voluptuous Angelina lips I've always wanted....  So how could a lipstick possibly make my boring set look plump?!  But I have to say, I was more than pleasantly surprised to see that the longer I sported the red....  the more confident I became that my lips looked seductively scrumptious!  

Sophia wearing color from Skinn's Hollywood Red Lip Palette
Without a doubt, I highly recommend Skinn Cosmetics', Hollywood Red Lip Palette which is an affordable $22.50 and is available for purchase HERE.  You can all bet your booty's that I will be making my way out to a fancy dinner this weekend just to give me a reason to sport my fabulous new accessory.  I have yet to leave home without it! 

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-Sophia Sanchez
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