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Men's Looks For Less: A Sneak Peek

Wednesday, September 04, 2013 Sophie Magdalena

With many fashion magazines, you'll find they are tailored to either men or women.  Very rarely, is it both.  Well, we at Halfstack Magazine, aim to break that mold, to bring you a publication that is equally appealing to the masses of both men and women.  

The upcoming Fall Issue of Halfstack will bring the gentleman readers some great fashion finds from one of our resident bloggers, Regulo Alvarado.  With an eye for style, he is confident that there will be no shortage of tweed, military boots, motorcycle jackets and more, this coming Fall.  From H&M to Zara, you'll be sure to stumble across an item or two that will leave your wallets plentiful while filling your closet with the must haves of the season!  

Check back on September 17th.... just a short 13 days away for Regulo's full article and the release of the Fall issue!  

Zara Military Boot

H&M Tweed Jacket

- Sophia Sanchez
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