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Love, Alex hits Sweet William, Inc

Monday, September 09, 2013 Heather

This past Friday I got to go to a trunk show for Love, Alex Handbags at the the adorable Sweet William, Inc. Boutique in Hinsdale, IL. I am very excited to share this brand with you guys because Alex Clancy (the designer) has created something that is not only beautiful to look at, but stands for something amazing.

Ornella Navy Leather 

Background: Alexandra Clancy presents Love, Alex, an alluring line of fashion accessories rooted in a deep devotion to philanthropy. Believing beautiful things create beautiful opportunities, she built a business that fuels the virtuous cycle of enjoying luxurious design while giving back to worthy causes. Love, Alex Handbags are a bold blend of fashion, function and philanthropy.
Love, Alex funds an evolving portfolio of essential charitable causes. Resources generated by sales are dedicated to charity partners with a focus on children’s welfare and education. The collection is inspired by Alexandra’s personal aesthetic and desire for glamorous, sophisticated designs with high-functionality. Handcrafted in Italy with artisanal expertise, each bag is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. With great attention to detail, they are designed with a powerful vision that joins form and function in a new interpretation of luxury.

When I arrived at Sweet William I automatically loved the atmosphere and style. I told one of the sales associates that I was there for the Love, Alex trunk show, and she pointed me to the corner of the store where I saw all the new Fall handbags being displayed. The company's sales representative,Yvonne, came over to me and started telling me everything about Love, Alex. She told me about Alex's background and how the company got started (she was very detailed and informative). I loved that proceeds from the bags go to children's charity This is an online charity that makes it easy for people to donate directly to specific projects at public schools.

Ornella Navy Leather

The bags in the Love, Alex Fall collection are handmade in Italy using luxurious materials such as leathers, python, and metal. You can tell just by looking at them how much time and effort was put into making each bag. My personal favorite was the woven leather. I thought that the added texture was absolutely gorgeous. Love, Alex is only about two seasons old and this Fall's hot colors are navy, gray, green, and black. A cool fact Yvonne told me was that Alex named each bag after trees around the world.
I honestly think that this Fall you will have to think about adding a Love, Alex Handbag to you wardrobe. Prices range from $995-$3000 and worth every penny!

Check out some of the collection now.... 

Help out this amazing cause!
To purchase Love, Alex Handbags visit their website HERE.  Or shop at:  

15 East First St.
Hinsdale, IL 60521

-Heather Blazek 
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**Halfstack Magazine's mission is to showcase those brands, designers, etc., focused on an attainable & glamorous lifestyle by our readers.  Love, Alex Handbags is a high-end designer, however the beautiful & chic designs paired with the philanthropic efforts behind the label is why we chose to showcase this brand.  Giving back to your communities is just as important as looking and feeling fabulous!**

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