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January First: A Sneak Peek

Wednesday, September 04, 2013 Sophie Magdalena

Halfstack Magazine goes brainy!  Just because the fabulous crew at Halfstack loves fashion, fine arts, and music, doesn't mean we can't share our intellectual sides with you from time to time.  

Resident Halfstacker, Sophia Sanchez, sat down with author Michael Schofield, to talk about his novel, 'January First.'  In this gripping tale, Schofield tells the story of his daughter January, and their struggles as a family to find diagnosis for whatever was terrorizing January from within herself.  January, is one of the youngest children to ever be diagnosed with one of the most debilitating and scrutinized mental illnesses in existence; Schizophrenia.  

January Schofield

In the Fall issue of Halfstack Magazine, set to release on September 17th, Sophia sets out to fill you with knowledge, statistics and the gut wrenching story of a family almost torn apart.  

A living nightmare, 'January First', tells the powerful journey of one family's trip to hell and back and how they managed to pull through and become stronger through it all.  To learn more about this family and this disease, tune in on September 17th to read Sophia's full article. 

Paperback Book Cover

Buy a copy of 'January First' at your local Barnes & Noble store, or shop for a copy HERE

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