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Fall Trends from H&M: A Sneak Peek

Tuesday, September 10, 2013 Sophie Magdalena

Did you know that H&M is environmentally friendly in the clothing they produce?  They are the largest consumer of organic cotton in the entire world!  I was blown away when I learned that.  Who knew that one of the world's leading fashion retailers, with their fashion forward style, and one of my personal favorite places to shop (Sophia here) could also be so caring of the environment.  

Just in time for Fall, our resident Fashionista, Teresa Espinoza has put together some great finds for you from H&M!  And having recently launched their online stores in the United States, it's perfect timing to snag these closet must haves! 

 Come back to Halfstack on September 17th to read Teresa's full H&M article, which will feature in the Fall 2013 issue!  

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