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Fall Issue Photo Shoot: A Sneak Peek

Tuesday, September 10, 2013 Sophie Magdalena

The old adage that "time flies when you're having fun," couldn't hold any more truth at this moment.  It seems like just yesterday Halfstack Magazine was heavy in prepping for the release of the Summer issue.  Here we are three months later, one week away, and ready to overdose on excitement as we anticipate the release of our Fall one!

We have so many amazing stories to share, I mean really!  If you are telling yourself that my opinion is biased here, well, you are probably right (haha).  But a lot of hard work goes into each one of these babies, so you'll have to forgive us if we like to toot our own horns from time to time.  

Our photo shoots from issue to issue are pretty amazing, and this one is no exception!  The Halfstack team has done it again!  Having partnered with Laura Lopez from Pickapose Photography, designer Anna Hovet for her trendy, street style looks, Gramaphone Records who graciously opened up their doors for our use of their vintage inspired backdrops, Amani Skalacki for her lovely jewelry aesthetics, Shirin Koril, the beautiful, and smoky model and of course the incredibly talented design team that made the shoot come to life!  Without these amazing people who were kind enough to share their businesses, love for fashion and acute eye for details.....  We wouldn't have been able to pull this all together!  

And here are just a couple quick photos to get those glands salivating!  

Don't forget fellow Halfstackers....  one week from today, our brilliant issue goes live!  

-Sophia Sanchez
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