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CoachUp: Achieving Athletic Excellence

Wednesday, September 11, 2013 Sophie Magdalena

Ever heard of CoachUp?  Halfstack Magazine had the opportunity to connect with entrepreneur and co-founder, Jordan Fliegel in an interview that not only details his entrepreneurial spirit, but one that gives us an in-depth and closeup look at his business, CoachUp.  

Through this service, Jordan strives to connect athletes, aspiring athletes and coaches in a one-on-one training experience that will allow athletes at all levels to reach the next level in sports.  With over 10,000 coaches and over 60,000 athletes utilizing this service nationwide, Jordan's journey to success has been a tough and yet profoundly fulfilling one.  

A service that can be attainable for any income, CoachUp also prides itself on being a philanthropic and reputable organization within varying communities.......  

.... What are some of the goals you've accomplished since starting CoachUp? 

....."It all comes down to impact. We’ve been able to do a lot of work through our charitable arm, CoachUp Cares, to benefit the community. We have created thousands of jobs for amazingly talented coaches, and jobs at CoachUp Headquarters for equally talented engineers and marketers. Through our internship program,  we have helped provide access to “the startup life” to dozens of college student-athletes, and it's been great to see their interest in startups grow from their experience with us. Above all, we’ve seen so many amazing stories from athletes and their parents of how much their private coaching experience has mattered to them. Our #1 goal is to help athletes reach the next level in sports and in life, and we have made that dream a reality for hundreds of families, which is just so cool and rewarding to me."

An inspiration indeed, check out the full length article and interview in the Fall issue of Halfstack, set to launch on September 17th!  

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