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Brand Spotlight: Blood and Tears Island Collection - By: The Monocle Order

Thursday, September 05, 2013 Heather

School has only been in session for a couple of weeks, but I know we are ALL planning a secret vacation to an island or beach somewhere to relax and unwind. And with planning a perfect getaway, you of course need the perfect pair of shades. This week I have just the company that sells unique and stylish frames.

The Monocle Order. This company is an online, members club for sunglass lovers. The membership is FREE (who doesn't love free?) to join and lasts a lifetime. A pretty sweet deal in my book. The best part of it is, by joining you will have access  to designers and styles that no one else will have. You will also be supporting independent artists instead of corporations.

The newest premium eyewear collection to be added to The Monocle Order is Blood and Tears. This line of frames is eccentric, and fits the company perfectly. Set to launch under the Blood and Tears label is the Island Collection. This collection is hand crafted and is named after the most gorgeous islands around the globe including Formentera, Martinique, and Mauritius. The colors of the Islands favor the 9 trendy styles available each in 2-4 vibrant colors and various lens combinations. Each frame is branded with the signature silver blood drop and comes in a radical gold bar case, with prices ranging from $200- $300. The collection features styles for everyone, ranging from the classic aviator, cat eye, to small circular mirrored frames.

Check out a few of the frames in the slideshow below!  

Find out more information about The Monocle Order by visiting their website: HERE

Interested in purchasing a pair of Blood and Tears? Go HERE

The Monocle Order Showroom
5 Devoe St.
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Get a behind the scenes look on how Blood and Tears are made click HERE

**All images property of The Monocle Order**

-Heather Blazek 
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