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Adam Zwig performs in Chicago

Sunday, September 01, 2013 Sophie Magdalena

Hey Halfstackers! Stephanie here! Aside from being one of the lead photographers, I’m trying my hand at writing about music for the mag! I’m kicking off my new contribution with a show I caught at Schuba’s last week featuring artist Adam Zwig

First thing’s first: I. Love. Schuba’s. If you haven’t been there before, look at their line-up this weekend, take a leap of faith, and GO! They offer great food in their front bar/restaurant, and their venue in the back is cozy and intimate, but leaves plenty of room for, well, wiggling! Or jiggling, depending on what tickles your fancy. Maybe both! Bottom line: GO THERE because you’ll have a fantastic time. 

Photo Taken By Stephanie Battista, Jr. Art Director/Photographer - Halfstack Magazine

HEY! Speaking of fantastic times! Let’s talk about the main man: Adam Zwig! Adam, in one word, is as follows: Easy. He’s easygoing, easy listening, and easy to talk to. 

One quick honesty note about the show: Adam was playing to a total of 7 people including me and my buddy who went with me…it was slightly awkward at first (they apparently didn’t promote the show at all beforehand). However! Adam started off his set by playfully announcing to the audience that he was wearing his own t-shirt that night, and that he had some merch for sale in the back, which gave everyone a good chuckle and eased the tension of awkwardness that filled the space between the warm bodies in the room. Once he started playing, it didn’t matter how many people were in attendance: he played his songs as if he were playing to an arena filled to the brim with music lovers. I could tell he would feel each song in the moment, and didn’t just get up on stage and play his songs like he’s already played them a thousand times. I really appreciated that. His music is a combo of jazz and pop with a twang-y twist, a sliver of soul, a flick of funk, and it’s all tied together with positive vibes.

“Most of my songs are positive…I’m just trying to bring some positivity to the world,” he explained to me in my interview with him after the show. 

Fill YOUR earholes with positivity by watching the new video for his song “Everybody Love” below, and keep an eye out for the full-length article in the Fall issue of Halfstack Magazine, which is set to go live on September 17th! 

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