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A Revelation in Travel

Wednesday, September 25, 2013 Kenny Muzzey

Has there ever been a time when you have been dwarfed by something? A grand gesture from someone you wronged, an overwhelming and unfamiliar situation you happened to find yourself in, or perhaps that time you received some shocking news? These situations happen to us all, each and every one of us. To you, that is probably not shocking news, because you already know that. Ask yourself, "What did I take away from that situation?" What did you come up with? Perspective, insight, questions, a story?  The possibilities are endless.

Not surprisingly, I found myself in a situation where I felt overwhelmed. Not overwhelmed in the conventional sense…. One could say I was taken by something magnificent. Feelings of wonderment overcoming my being in what can only be described as seeing something through a child’s eyes. I was sitting on a ledge in the Grand Canyon. Feeling the sun warming my shoulders, I gazed upon the seemingly infinite layers of sedimentary rock shaded in numerous tones of red with a calming blue sky contributing a soothing juxtaposition to the surreal scene. Looking, listening, and living, I began to analyze all the sensory information I was taking in. This is the point when I began to fall in love.

Her name… travel. Yes, I had indeed fallen in love in every sense of the word. I felt warmth, enthusiasm, admiration, child-like glee, at that instant, I realized that I wanted to see as much as I could. It was hard to believe, something I had seen on television, in movies, pictures, books, magazines, the internet, almost every way possible, I had seen the Canyon, but until then, I had not seen it with my own eyes. Promising myself, I would never forget that moment, I reluctantly got up, grabbing my camera and sauntered along, meandering aimlessly through the crowds, smiling.


Following my time at the Grand Canyon, I headed toward Utah, Zion National Park. Unexpectedly, I saw a sign for ‘Horseshoe Bend’ and decided to stop and check it out.  “I am outta shape” I thought to myself as I trudged through the endless desert, the sun beating down on top of me. An elderly couple laughing at me as I hiked up the giant mountain of sand, complaining aloud, but from there I could see the bend. Motivated by the majestic sight of the red background I hurried along, eager to get to the edge. Again, I sat there, staring down upon a boat adrift in the Colorado River, as usual, just thinking.

Sooner or later, I had a realization, similar to the Grand Canyon; I had seen this place on various forms of media, but again, not with my own eyes. I felt dwarfed, looking around and the people before resting my chin on my open palms and returning to deep thought. Unable to comprehend how immense and breathtakingly beautiful the sight was, I tried to think of the words…. But nothing. Snapping a few more photographs, I started to head back to my car and then off to my next destination.

My reasons for telling this tale of travel is to remind everyone how unimaginably beautiful the world around us is. Seeing things like the Grand Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Yellowstone, and the Rocky Mountains in person is indescribable. One cannot grasp the scale of these things until it has been bestowed upon them in person. So I beg of you to travel, see the country, and see the world! For someday, for whatever reason, you may not be unable to.... and surely you will regret it….

Dedicated to Ashley S. A friend and a fellow traveler.

Tales of travel? Comments? Suggestions? We encourage you to share them with us here at HalfStack! We love to swap stories!

~Kenny Muzzey~
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