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What's Left? What's Next?!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013 Kenny Muzzey

With the season of rejuvenation and rebirth long behind, the time of harmony transitioning into the period of wisdom and fulfillment; we must be reminded that it is not too late check the last big thing off our summer to-do list. Everybody has something grand they dream to accomplish before settling into hibernation. One more page left unturned before this chapter comes to a close.

"What is left to do?” Well, I set out and conducted some research. I interviewed a few individuals to see what they still have left to accomplish on their summer bucket list. Out of the four people I spoke with I found a common theme. Perhaps it is the time of the year, the tranquility, the changing of the leaves, feeling of contentment, serenity, and reflection that comes with this time of year. No matter their wish, each of these people verbally painted me a pristine picture of their ambitious last wishes before settling down for the dark and somber winter months.

Kevin, of Chicago, would like to take a road trip. “Up North” he tells me. Perhaps Northern Wisconsin, or Michigan, to a beach house nestled deep within the wilderness. A place of serenity, quiet, peaceful, where a brisk morning breeze blows through the window, the blinds spitting and spewing in the morning sun like a burnt autumn leave caught in a microburst. “It’s strange” Kevin says, “I have never really had the urge to do that. But I have the itch to go enjoy the quiet.” Life away from the city, a simpler place, where priorities are different and time stands still.

Amber of the suburbs, hopes to go on a fishing trip. Where it is not necessarily about how many fish she is able to catch but something more. A trek down memory lane, where she let can her thoughts wander as aimlessly as a meandering stream, drifting about like a small canoe slowly floating down a mountain stream.  Similar to Kevin, she would like to pay a visit to a harmonious place, away from it all, away from people, away from “civilization.” For Amber, it is not just simply escape to somewhere that is aesthetically appealing but the outing has tremendous sentimental meaning too

Rob, of Pingree Grove, simply wants to escape on his rapidly approaching vacation. He and his wife, Aime, will be driving south to the home of the Bulldogs, Georgia. It is said when you beat the Georgia Bulldogs, you gonna feel the bulldog bite.” Heading south, there is one thing they will temporarily put off, the bite of these pleasingly cool nights. Rob explained in so many words that much like everyone else, they are looking to escape that stale feeling we all get. It is about the change in scenery, the open road, feeling the breeze blowing through the open windows as we cursing down the interstate. We all need a change in scenery, we all get a little board with our surroundings, and after all that is why we take vacations right?

Olivia, of Schaumburg, dreams of going on a camping trip. She wants to leave it all behind and spend get back to nature. Sleeping among the seductive stars, combating the nippy nights with a toasty fire, some s’mores, and a mug full of hot chocolate telling ghost stories, and being lulled into a simmering silence as the fire fades from a welcoming orange, to a desolate black similar to how the time of  the harvest yields to the season of death, winter.

Ask yourself, “What is left to do?” There is always something, remind yourself that winter is coming. Get out and appreciate the fall colors, the crisp refreshing air that is almost rejuvenating as you breathe it in. Before you know it we will be all gracefully lulled into those harmonious Chicago winters we all know and love. So if you have something you really want to accomplish, please, feel free to share it with myself, and the rest of us here at Halfstack Magazine, post a comment in the area below!

~Kenny Muzzey~

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