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Wakami, Empowering Women One Accessory at a Time

Saturday, August 24, 2013 Vanessa Hernandez

In today's society we strive to make the world a better place for us and for future generations; but we become so consumed with our lives and our surroundings, that we forget about the issues affecting the rest of the world. It becomes difficult for us to reach out to charities or non-profit organizations because of busy schedules or issues with money. Wakami, a handcrafted fashion accessories brand, has made it easier for men and women that love fashion to help empower women of Guatemala.

Wakami was founded in 2006 by Maria Pacheco and Queta Rodriguez.  While they were already changing the lives of the Guatemalan people, brothers Eric and Ryan Dedola started Wakami USA in 2011 after meeting Maria and Queta during a business trip. Wakami is a design driven and socially conscious brand that aims to enrich the lives of both the artisans, who create the products and the people who buy their products. By partnering with nonprofit organization, Communidades de la Tierra, which translates to 'Communities of the Land,' Wakami empowers the women of Guatemala, who have given up education to raise their families, by providing opportunity and training,  The opportunities given to these women help them become more independent, confident, and it ensures their respect within the community.

While Wakami feels strongly about their philanthropic impact, they do not want to take the spot light away from their amazing rustic urban style accessories. Each jewelry collection is designed from a different inspiration, each one designed for customers to relate to. Each collection is named after the emotions we all feel or have felt, such as "Dream", "Earth", "Life Is What You Make of It" and the colors of the pieces are carefully chosen to match the name of the style and to extract the emotions of the person wearing the piece.

Check out some of their pieces below, all ranging from $17.50 to $41.50 in price. These amazing pieces can be purchased by visiting a Loft retailer near you or visit the Wakami's website directly!

The impact that Wakami has made in Guatemala is outstanding! School attendance has increased, the malnutrition rate has decreased, and women have been given the chance to be partners in improving their households and their families lives. 

Click HERE to purchase Wakami's accessories and learn more about their amazing work! 
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- Vanessa Hernandez
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