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Wednesday, August 28, 2013 Regulo Alvarado

As a man, have you ever had the problem of finding the right 'shirt fit?' Whether the sleeves are too short or long, the collar's tight, or maybe the buttons are not of good quality, we've all been there. You go from store to store finding the right one but no matter where you go, you always end up with a malfunction shirt. A nightmare indeed.  

Well thanks to Trumaker, that's a worry of the past! With their personalized shirt specialists, referred to as Outfitters, Trumaker takes 'built-to-fit service' to whole a new level.

Simply sign up online and a local outfitter will contact you to schedule an appointment. The trained outfitters will come to you no matter where you're located (office or home) and even better, there's absolutely no fee for this service!  Once measurements have been taken down and confirmed by the outfitter, they will deliver your first shirt. After confirmation, you'll gain access to an online shop filled with in-season designs and with your measurements locked in, there's no need to select a size! Think of it as your own online store. 

 "...We design the shirt from the collar to the specific buttons including the fabrics. We don't just take a book of fabric and say that's a shirt. We actually design the fabric and we consider the different colors, and we consider the material," says Co-founder and CEO, Mark Lovas, on what goes behind a Trumaker shirt. 

With currently three select cities including San Francisco, Los Angeles and now Chicago, Trumaker offers affordable and in-style designs. Starting at only $98, these shirts are worth every penny! 

And with the convenience of online shopping and fit assurance, you can't go wrong with Trumaker!  Take a peek at the slideshow below for some up, close and personal shots of the brand!  

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-Regulo Alvarado
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