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SuitSupply's Summer Soiree

Saturday, August 24, 2013 Jen Pontrelli

The great literary and style phenomenon Oscar Wilde once mused, "One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art," prompting designers from Coco Chanel to Karl Lagerfeld to create divine works of wearable art, with a tendency towards the adornment of the graceful curves of the female form.  Now, in a business venture that would make Jay Gatsby hang his head in fashion shame, Amsterdam-based mens clothier SuitSupply is turning the focus to the male form.  With 44 stores in major cities all over the world and its highly stylized and personal approach to suit buying, SuitSupply is re-defining male fashion and creating an environment where men are the work of art.  

On Thursday, August 22nd, SuitSupply Chicago held its annual Summer Soiree atop the fourth floor terrace of its Rush Street location.  Guests were invited to peruse the latest items from the summer and fall 2013 collections while nibbling food provided by Goose Island Catering and sipping libations provided by Goose Island Brewing and Johnnie Walker.  

The Beautiful People: SuitSupply's breathtaking rooftop and equally impressive guest list.

As always Halfstack representatives were on hand to partake in the festivities.  We had a chance to nibble, sip, and awe at all of the stylish personalities celebrating SuitSupply.  In between a couple drams we even had a chance to catch up with a major creative force behind the SuitSupply brand, Mr. Nish de Gruiter.  Although, de Gruiter constantly travels all over the world from store to store, he assured us that the Chicago location is one of his favorites, "Where else can you shop for a great suit and stand among all of these beautiful buildings?!  I love Chicago!"  Well, Mr. de Gruiter, Chicago loves you and your brand right back.  The Gold Coast store is a masterpiece of masculine sex appeal and classic style.  Check out our pictures from the event and the store in the slideshow below!


945 North Rush Street
60611 Chicago
United States
Tel. +1 312 340 6909

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