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RIPEBRAND... A Fashion Revolution

Wednesday, August 07, 2013 Sophie Magdalena

One of the biggest proponents of Halfstack Magazine is not only to showcase those individuals who are passionate about the work that they do, but those individuals who are legitimately making a difference.  In this ever-growing society filled with under-educated children, people dying of hunger, neglect and abuse... it's not necessarily enough to be good at what you do.  It's what you do with your talent and your craft to help benefit those around you that makes you stand out amongst the rest.  

Something we may often hear ourselves say is, "I want to help.  I just don't know how."  Nick Chang, Designer and Founder of RIPEBRAND has made it as simple as possible for everyone to get involved.

Designer & Founder Nick Chang 

An internet security professional who spent his college summer days volunteering at a San Francisco-based nonprofit organization that brought affordable housing to the citizens within the community, has always known that his passion was philanthropy.  But it wasn't enough to just pick a charity at random and write a check; Chang wanted to ensure that his efforts warranted change.  And through this passion, RIPEBRAND was born. 

Based out of Los Angeles, California, RIPEBRAND has a unique business model...  "to encourage people from all walks of life to 'get involved' in their local community."

RIPEBRAND, having just celebrated its one year anniversary in July, offers a variety of brightly colored t-shirts with the your choice of the words Grape, Pomegranate, or Zucchini written across the front.  Made from 100% jersey, California grown, cotton, all styles come in both women's and men's sizes; tailored to fit. 

So what's the big deal about another t-shirt line?!  Aside from the incredibly soft feel and stylishly tailored fit, through these t-shirts, RIPEBRAND is bringing awareness to local causes within Los Angeles.  Donating about 50% of the company's overall profits, RIPEBRAND allows you to get involved by picking which organization you want the money from your purchase to go to.  It really is that simple!  


Busted Foundation - An organization that provides financial and educational support for women battling breast cancer. 

Free Arts for Abused Children - An organization that delivers therapeutic art programs focused on enhancing self-esteem, creative expression, and positive communication in children who have experienced the trauma of abuse, homelessness, and chronic poverty.

Philanthro - An organization whose mission is to engage young professionals in philanthropy through social, volunteer and leadership activities.  

Not only do you get a chance to give back by choosing which organization you want to support, but RIPEBRAND encompasses social responsibility.  Manufactured locally, within California...  RIPEBRAND tees are produced in an environmentally friendly process that includes vegetable based dyes and water based discharge printing of the graphics.  The process is as clean as it can possibly be.

And it really is... 'All in the name.'  

RIPE:  Fully grown and developed; mature

Chang hopes that through this involvement both the individual and the community will "ripen" and grow to be more mature and a better version of themselves.  This is why all the t-shirts are brightly colored and why they are either a vegetable or a fruit...  because through this movement, he wants people to make the connection and realize that they are ripening.

Having had the chance to sit down with Chang and discuss his efforts through his brand, I had to ask... "What has this entire process been like for you?"

"It's definitely a lot tougher than I would have ever imagined.  But it is also the most rewarding.  That sounds so cliche.  But until you are really out there and taking some risks, you never really know what you are missing out on.  The most rewarding aspect for me, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart, is meeting all of the amazing people running these nonprofits."  

Well there you have it Halfstackers...  no longer can we say "I just don't know how to help."  The resources are just a click away!  Visit RIPEBRAND HERE to take advantage of the amazing opportunity given to us by Chang and his team, to give back and to help make a difference.  RIPEBRAND is on the rise..... don't be surprised if within the near future, the efforts of RIPEBRAND hit a city near you!  

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- Sophia Sanchez
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