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Letting your INNER History Geek Out...The Bristol Renaissance Faire

Tuesday, August 27, 2013 Stella Quimby

Being a major history buff, my family and I decided to make our yearly venture out to the world of before; the Bristol Renaissance Faire. So what does this Renaissance fair offer a family of the future (otherwise known as now)? To start, education. You get an inside perspective (as much as you can) on how it was to live in those days (late 1300's to roughly 1580's). We saw the way people did laundry back then, and NO it didn't include a washer machine; instead it was done by hand and hung up to dry.

Old Soles

Secondly, the costumes. I absolutely loved that the costumes didn't have zippers (well duh, they didn't back then). They were such a beauty to look at and made you wonder, how the heck did people wear velvet in the middle of summer? Maybe that was a determining factor on their shorter life spans? Thirdly, the food!! There were so many fantastic foods such as the giant turkey leg (the always favorite meal of visitors), mushroom stew and more modern meals such as buffalo wings with fries (they were still fantastic and you eat wings with your hands...old school style).

Queen on Horse

There were many kid's events so it was very family orientated (my daughter Selene loved the giant pirates ship playground). Lots of musical singers and acts were also on display here. There was a cool band called the VaNa MaZi playing older Middle Eastern music that was at least 1000 years old! Tons of shopping were also on the list (ladies, I know we like that). You can buy anything from Armor to Wood to Musical Instruments. Don't forget all the games and rides!! My daughter tried out Archery, trying to be all Disney's "Brave."

Autumn Fairy

Lastly, there is the MAJOR parade that all the actors of the Renaissance Faire participate in. All the shops keeps (most of the employees, someone has to stay in the shop), musicians, soldiers, nobles, pheasants and even the royal family including the Queen (who everyone just question is where is the King?) all take part in this parade. It is very cool seeing them all and just like a real normal everyday parade, they throw flowers out to the children and even encourage the spectators to cheer them on!! Fun and worth every penny (which for adults is $19.95, children 5-12 are $9.95 and children under 5 are always free), we are sad to see this Renaissance Faire end this season (closes this weekend on September 2). So make sure to get your closing tickets today!! and GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!!

The Swordsmen

- Stella Quimby
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