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Johnathan Breitung Salon & Luxury Spa: Oxygen Fusion Facial

Wednesday, August 21, 2013 Heather

Today I got to unwind after the hustle and bustle of a busy Tuesday by enjoying a Oxygen Fusion Facial from Johnathan Breitung Salon & Luxury Spa in Chicago. When I first arrived at the salon, I immediately loved how clean and open it was. 

 The salon.

The staff working there was very friendly. They instantly greeted me at the front desk and checked me in for my facial. They handed me a key for a locker, and I followed a staff member to the women's locker room. I expected this to be right off of the main salon in a back room somewhere... But no, I followed her downstairs. I thought this was so cool. I felt like Batman going to the bat cave. It was very secluded and private from the upstairs salon which was nice.

 The spa entrance.

The staff member then gave me instructions to change into a robe and slippers and to fill out a form to tell them a little bit about my skin. Once I finished, I made my way out into the spa lobby (which was very cozily decorated) to meet Pamela, the esthetician for my service.  

 The cozy spa lobby.

Pamela was super nice and had a awesome pixie haircut. Loved it. She lead me down the hall to one of the rooms. Inside the room, the lights were dimmed low and the ambiance was nice and relaxing. I laid down on the spa bed, got situated, and then the facial began!

The facial started out with my make up being removed and my face being cleansed (They recommend and use Dermalogica based on your skin type). After my face was nice and clean, Pamela did an analysis of my skin and told me which areas had redness and dehydration, and which areas had comedones and breakouts. She then exfoliated my skin, gently in the areas with redness and a little more aggressive in the areas that had comedones. She extracted and massaged my skin for a few minutes and then started the oxygen infusion. The oxygen infusion uses a hydrosol serum based on your skin concerns (mine were inflammation and anti-aging). The serum is sprayed on the skin with an airbrush. This helps deliver the serum deeper down into the pores. It felt cold on the skin and tickled a little, but it was refreshing.

To finish, Pamela moisturized my skin and applied spf and eye cream. I didn't want it to be over! I was so relaxed I could have fallen asleep.  But sadly my service had come to an end. Pamela lead me back to the locker room. As I was getting ready to leave I looked in the mirror and saw how hydrated my skin was.

I highly recommend this facial and salon to everyone. The staff was very helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable (I loved that throughout the whole facial Pamela explained each step of what she was doing, described each product she used on my skin, and answered any question I had for her). I left there with my skin feeling freshly rejuvenated.

From now until the end of August, customers can add an oxygen infusion to any facial or microderm service at Johnathan Breitung Salon & Luxury Spa and receive $25 off its regular price of $190. The oxygen infusions offered include Anti-aging, Acne, Derm-Recovery, White and Floral. These infusions benefit all skin types and treat wrinkles, acne, dry skin, pigmentation and abrasions. Visit Johnathan Breitung Salon & Luxury Spa and an esthetician will help choose which infusion is most beneficial for any skin type. Oxygen infusions are the perfect complement to any facial or microderm service and benefit any skin type. 

Not able to get an appointment this month? No problem!! For the months of September and October they will be running a special on microderms. So make sure to check it out. It is a definite MUST!!

Thank you Johnathan Breitung Salon & Luxury Spa for a wonderful experience. 


To find out more information about Johnathan Salon & Luxury Spa, please visit their website or call 773.348.1800

Photos were taken by Nick Biscardi

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