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I FINISHED the DIVA DASH!! Oh and some Highlights from the Dash!!!

Monday, August 05, 2013 Stella Quimby

I ran and conquered the Shape Diva Dash this past weekend in Sandwich Illinois. This 5K Women ONLY Obstacle course was not as simple as one thought. Yes it is a "Diva's" dash, but honestly, all those Diva's were probably regretting signing up for this course. Yes there wasn't ANY mud (sigh of relief) or barbed wires that would PURPOSELY hurt you or even scary Fire, but instead we had crazy monkey bars (that plenty of women fell off from), tire hills (there were extremely high) and an entrapment course (I believe it was inspired by the movie of that name except I didn't look as hot as Catherine Zeta Jones did while doing it). 

The entire Diva Dash was like a festival of it's own. There was a super large Shape dome tent that had shopping, relaxing and even a spin a wheel to get a prize area (I won a handkerchief). Many vendors were around such as Oakley sunglasses and even a Women's Workout World area where you can literally spin on a pole!! Luna Bars even made an appearance handing out free samples of yummy Luna Bars such as double chocolate cookie dough protein bars!! There was also beer (Budweiser) and wine available to all the runners after the race. I did earn that beer!!

Even though there was music, games and even drinks, don't forget it WAS a race. There were timed waves, where runners were running to win a chance to win a prize and there were no-timed waves where we ran to have fun (women could still win prizes based on their costumes; thus many tutu's and batman outfits). Overall, Diva Dash has an amazingly addictive fun atmosphere, all the participants and workers are very friendly and overall was an enjoyable event!! I personally cannot wait for next year, hmmm...maybe I'll even do the timed competitive wave??? Maybe.
 For those of you that still want to participate in this race, check out website, there are still cities available and remember you'll get $10 off if you put in promo code BLOG.

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