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High School Reunion: A Summer to Some, A Decade to Others.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013 Kenny Muzzey

As the days grow shorter, the nights grow longer; the breeze gets cooler, and the colors of the trees warmer.  Summer, swimsuits, and backyard barbecues are coming to a close; as sweaters, the smell of burning leaves, and amber skies are rung in similar to the sound of the tardy bell echoing through the halls of a busy high school. It is that time again, the time most every student dreads, the end of summer recess and the beginning of a new school year.

Middle school, high school, and college... It seems like just yesterday I shambled through the halls, always painted some unappealing, neutral color, smelling of cheap industrial strength cleaner, and filled with students, laughing, joking, talking, and walking. Some would say it was an interesting time, a simpler time, a time for fun, while others call it disenchanting, a complicated time, a trying time. Despite your perspective, we were all in it together.  Each and every one of us.

Four years spent, and now close to ten years down. Most of us, our separate ways went. A rude awakening sent, as a reunion invitation is received via the internet. Ten years, ten years…. has it really been ten years?!  Again, our paths destined to intersect. An interest slightly growing, despite the memories that I thought I had been stowing. As we are all gathered back to a time forgoing, a majority of us perhaps going. For people I hadn’t seen, it would be interesting to know where they are at, and with that, we’d like to believe, that we had changed.

Ironic how far some of us had went, while others were scorn with descent. Some seemingly standing still, while others driven by sheer will. Oh, how our time had been spent. With this up and coming event, in the eyes of some full of torment, others see it as time to represent. It is funny how content we had all become, in the cliques, very tight knit, like a well-designed wall made of strategically placed bricks.  And in the end, most of us were blown apart, like a shanty made of poorly placed sticks.

And that… that, is just it. Four years spent, and now close to ten years down. A return to school, for students, graduates, and crew, as amber skies, are rung in new, much like the tardy bell echoing within an empty school. The dull, listless halls, waiting for something anew, the colourful return of the students back to the school, and the reunion of those who were once in rule, here’s to the class of 2004…. and many, many more.

Dedicated to my graduating class of 2004, Burlington Central, and to those who attended NIU, I'll see you all in a few.
~Kenny Muzzey~

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