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Dave & Buster's Review....How Cool is it, Really?

Monday, August 12, 2013 Stella Quimby

Dave & Buster's, a name that I always associated with Chuck e Cheese for adults. I mean, it has a bunch of games, food and you can win prizes too! But is it really that similar to it's child counterpart? I recently had the privilege to review a Dave & Buster's, the Addison IL location and I was definitely excited about this task.When you first enter the location, first thought is “WOW.” It is just gorgeous, all wood interior and it looks like a vintage bar (soo adult). The staff greeted you like if you were an actual person and not cattle like other restaurants where they literally give you the beeper to let you know when you could get fed. We immediately got seated and got served by the sweetest server ever (shout out to Lisa at the Addison Location). Great start I thought, there were a few families having dinner there since it was 6:30pm on a Friday evening.

So two of the drinks we had included the Cocobanana colada and the nonalcoholic Tropical Smoothie. The Cocobanana Colada was alcoholic, it was a banana pina colada, yummy. The Tropical Smoothie, which is what I had, consisted of strawberries, coconut, pineapple and red bull!! I LOVED it and definitely Recommend ANYONE ordering it!!! Appetizers consisted of buffalo wings (major YUM, comparative to Buffalo Wild Wings), Potato Skins (not my favorite), Pretzel dogs (good) but our ABSOLUTE fave were the Chips and Queso!! You literally cannot get enough of this dip. While eating and drinking, I had to remind myself that this wasn’t an upscale restaurant, it was Dave and Busters.

Dinners, which none were more than $20 (bargain), were also delicious. They were very upscale looking but at an affordable prize!! My husband ordered the Peppercorn NY Strip Steak and I ordered the full slab of Ribs. Our buddies ordered the Bacon wrapped Beef with Grilled Shrimp and the Char Grilled NY Strip Steak.The winner was absolutely the Shrimp from the Bacon wrapped beef and shrimp. The steaks were very juicy and well done and the ribs were tasty. It is definitely a MUST to order the loaded garlic mash potatoes with these meals.

Next up is my personal favorite; dessert. I ordered the Ginormous Brownie Sundae, my other companions ordered Belgian Chocolate Fondue and the Bananas Foster Pie. The brownie sundae was good, not as amazing as the Queso and chips (Yes I am STILL stuck on them). The Fondue was very cool looking, and we absolutely enjoyed having a selection of fruit to dip. But the overall dessert winner that EVERYONE should try at least once was the Bananas foster pie.  The crust of the pie is fresh graham cracker (yummy) and I swear the banana pudding has some cream cheese flavoring to it. Also, everyone keep in mind that all desserts are LARGE and are meant for sharing; 4 people can share each one.

A few more tidbits for you all, drinks are CHEAP here. The long island was $6.49, which is A LOT lower than other places. Also, there are new games to play!! One includes the Milk Jug Toss which is fun; even for my age. I fell in love with the Trivial Pursuit game where 6 people go head to head over educational (?) questions. I won a total of over 1000 tickets playing that game!!! The prize center was also GREAT. I expected cheesy prizes like stickers, but we got cool ones like a Cubs Plaque and a giant Teddy bear for my little one. So overall, I had a Fab experience at Dave and Buster’s. It was definitely family orientated (just till 11pm, when kids were told it is adult time), and they have an amazing fun, friendly staff. I am definitely coming back here to dine with family and friends and to play and win great prizes. Overall rating: A/A!! Also thank you to Ms. Linda Ivery and her staff at the Dave and Buster’s Addison IL location for all their help!!

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