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Brand SpotIight: IANNECI

Friday, August 23, 2013 Heather

Halfstack Magazine had the pleasure of interviewing Jennifer Gennace, one of the two creators, designers, innovators, and craftwomen who are behind the Chicago jewelry label, IANNECI. IANNECI is created out of a bond that twin sisters, Jennifer and Kimberly Gennace, share: to unite women, explore a dreamlike journey and to share the value and worth of creators. The sisters' bead wizardry began over a series of summer vacations and grew throughout college and internships. At IANNECI, each piece of jewelry is authentic and made with high end craftsmanship. 

The Gennace Twins

Tell me about your background. 
JENNIFER GENNACE - I am the creative mastermind behind the design aesthetic of IANNECI and I pull inspirations from various shapes and silhouettes to create jewelry designs.  I received my bachelor's degree in Apparel Merchandising and Design and have an extensive background in jewelry development and production.  I have gained ground in traveling to Europe and working with fashion designers in collaboration jewelry collections.
KIMBERLY GENNACE - I am the business mastermind.  I am entrepreneur by nature and love pushing the envelope to market the brand in non-conventional ways.  I surround myself with creative opportunities as I have at Henri Bendel’s in window-dressing, I've managed an Israeli design collective, and studied trend research in New York City. My current project involves working with the FURIO Apparel team as I lead them in brand identity and a jewelry collaboration with IANNECI.

How long have you had your jewelry business and does that coincide with how long you've been making jewelry? 
We started our business in 2008 but have been creating and designing jewelry since we were young. 

Where does your inspiration stem from? 
When designing jewelry, we get inspired by various shapes, high fashion magazine features, and utilizing different beading techniques. We also love getting to the root of a story behind the artist/designer to see how they bring a collection to life.  

Is there a specific designer you look up to?  
We are most inspired by fashion designers who have made major contributions to the fashion industry such as Balenciaga, Chanel, Proenza Schouler, Chloe, and The Row. We also admire the work of jewelry designers Lizzie Fortunato and Lulu Frost.  

Is your jewelry inspired by any specific fashion era? 
Our favorite era is the 'roaring 20's.'  Women were feminine and stylish to a "T," and we love when women emphasize and bring out their most feminine features.  We very much appreciate the 'flapper' and 'art deco' influences of this time period.  Our new Fall/Holiday 2013 Collection includes some of these influences.  Our new collection can be viewed HERE

How has the process of starting your own business been?  
We love the entrepreneurial mindset and being able to have that fuel our creativity in new ways. We love experimenting and exploring new ways of doing business.  

How do you advertise your business? 
We have a visual presentation of our jewelry brand on social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest
. We invite you to take a look!  

We also have been featured in many publications such as Women’s Wear Daily, Daily Candy, Chicago Magazine, and Time Out Chicago. We also advertise by word of mouth as that is a powerful way to spread the word about what we do.

What are your aspirations for your business? 
We hope to encourage others by doing what they love and help find their inner talent where they can make a living. We love partnering with new talent and amazing things happen when great talent comes together!  We have had the pleasure of collaborating with Fashion Designer, Catherine Furio of FURIO Apparel. Also, our hope is to empower women through our jewelry design. We want women to feel confident and persevere in all that they do and accomplish.

Where can our readers buy your designs? 

Do you design and create all your own pieces or do you work with a design team?
We design and create all jewelry collections and each piece is hand crafted in our studio in Chicago.  

Are each of your pieces one-of-a-kind or do you create duplicate pieces? 
We design two collections. The first collection is a high-end, one off collection so each piece is only one-of-a-kind, each piece can take up to 15 hours to make.  The second collection is our Ready-To-Wear line, where clients can wear these pieces everyday where we create multiple pieces of the same item.

Do you take requests for designs?  
We love working with clients on creating special order pieces for special occasions like weddings, significant birthdays and designer collaborations.

Do you have any advice for our readers who want to start their own business as well?
Be persistent and reflect often and celebrate the small things! Be open to new ideas and new people, as you never know where a connection can take you.

There you have it!  Definitely take the time to visit their website [] to check out all of their new arrivals and more information in this hot new label!  And thank you to the ladies of IANNECI for taking the time to connect with Halfstack Magazine!  

Check out of few of their designs now...  

- Heather Blazek
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