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Tuesday, July 30, 2013 Sophie Magdalena

It's almost my favorite time of year....  When the leaves begin to change color and the cool, brisk air nips at your nose.  When the smell of pine fills the Autumn air and the delicious taste of pumpkin lattes warms you to your core.  It's the little indulgences that capture the true essence and beauty of Fall...  A cup of hot cocoa, snuggling near a fire with a loved one, or throwing on your favorite, cozy sweater as you head out for a hike through all the colorful hills...  

And what better way to prep for such a lovely time of year then to fill your closet with gorgeous over sized sweaters, chic and romantic scarves.....  Nothing short of luxurious fabrics that are sure to capture Autumn at it's finest while making you feel beautiful from head to toe!  

Halfstack Magazine had the pleasure of connecting with the amazing folks at Peruvian Connection - A clothing line focused on bringing women only the finest in luxury fibers and fabrics - for an exclusive preview of their Fall 2013 line.  The inspiration stemming from ethnographic textiles, celebrating cultures from all over the world. 

With stores spanning across the U.S., Peruvian Connection offers a one-of-a-kind shopping experience with their locations featured specifically on iconic shopping streets in historic neighborhoods.  Each store offering a distinctive and unique shopping experience as original as the pieces they hold within.....  

Every single article found in-store, online, or in their catalog is designed in-house and from scratch by their highly skilled Andean artisans - craftswomen whose textile tradition goes back millennia.  These gorgeous pieces are truly original and are sure to bring a sense of perfection to your wardrobe.  

Don't get lost in the fantasy of dreaming of those 'soon-to-come' chilly, yet gorgeous days... and take a glance at the Peruvian Connection, as you'll be sure to find a signature piece you won't be able to pass up.  Check out one of their 6 locations, nationwide and be sure to stop in at their newest location featured in the historic Lincoln Park, Chicago.  

Follow Peruvian Connection on FACEBOOK.  To shop online, click HERE.

-Sophia Sanchez

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