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The Journey of Author Dathan Auerbach - A Sneak Peek At What Lies Ahead in the Summer Issue!

Wednesday, July 03, 2013 Sophie Magdalena

Almost a year after he managed to self-publish his novel titled Penpal, author Dathan Auerbach continues to be amazed at the success he's reached with what started off as a mere short story posted on Reddit in 2011.  Less than a year later and with much support from his fans on the Reddit community, he published his first novel in an expanded adaptation of his short story - Penpal.  

In this eerie and chilling novel, you embark on a journey with a young man trying to piece together the details of his faded and mysterious past......  A story that will leave you unable to sleep at night.  

The incredible story of this self-starter, whom is Dathan Auerbach, is one of both motivation and inspiration.  And is proof that nothing is off limits with dedication.  

The full story on how Dathan Auerbach's unprecedented journey led him to success as a novelist can be found in Half Stack's summer issue set to go live on July 5th.    

Stay tuned..........  

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