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The Happy Show feat. Stefan Sagmeister

Friday, July 19, 2013 alex solano

The widely known Australian, graphic designer and typographer - Stefan Sagmeister - recently brought his gallery to The Windy City, where Halfstack Magazine was personally privileged enough to witness his awe-inspiring work. 

Sagmeister Introduces His Gallery
Stefan Sagmeister introduces himself with a brief description when first entering the gallery 

Posted on one of the walls in the gallery, Stefan's statement described that he had always desired a job in which he could have a personal connection with his audience; something that most traditional jobs would not allow him to achieve.

In order to achieve this connection he so badly wanted to create, Stefan had to realize that through the creativity in the pieces he was making, that he was a true artist.  

Today, Stefan's goal has become his reality as he brings his artwork to life in his gallery. As sections of his gallery are designed to speak to the different minds of each individual viewer, a personal favorite that appealed the most to my mind was the one titled 'The Gumball Personal Happiness Survey.'

Gumball Personal Happiness Survey
Happiness Infographics Wall

This piece was created from ten incredibly over sized gumball machines around 10 feet tall. Each full of yellow gumballs, and each one labeled '1-10.'  A sign displayed below the machines read - "How happy are you?"  The creator's intention being for viewers to reflect upon their deepest emotions by creating a personal connection when the audience was asked to put a quarter into the machine to reveal their number.  Whether your level of happiness was determined to be a 1 or a 10, you received a gumball regardless.  

One of the most powerful notions I took away from the art in the gallery was that - "Actually doing the things I set out to do will increase my overall level of satisfaction," - A statement mentioned in of of Sagmeister's larger exhibits.  

Actually Doing Things I Set Out to Do Increases My Overall Level of Satisfaction
Bicycle and neon lights exhibit 

I had the opportunity to speak with Stefan himself and one of the questions I posed was what he expects his audience to take away from his artwork....  His response was profoundly simple, "I want my audience and anyone that visits this gallery to know that I am not so similar, but I want them to relate to me and my work."  

Stefan Sagmeister posing for a shot
Stefan Sagmeister's work can speak to the heart of any person who takes the time to appreciate and truly understand the message in his art.  I definitely recommend a visit to his gallery, not only to appreciate the talent but to experience a very positive event that is sure to leave you reflecting upon your inner-self and leaving you standing in a whole new light.  

Follow Stefan on his personal website HERE & follow his Facebook.
For gallery info, visit HERE

- Alex Solano

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